Amokka Crema is the soul of our Roastery, originating from a 50 year old Italian recipe, A delicately balanced coffee blend, each component is chosen for its quality and specific addition to the taste.

100% handpicked Arabica beans, medium roasted to give a honey like sweetness, and medium body, it is ideal for espresso based drinks, or as a filter coffee. 



Our Italian Note is a dark roasted coffee comprising of 83% hand-picked Arabica and 17% high-quality Robusta, it is roasted in a Mediterranean style, meaning it is roasted to give a full-bodied taste, with a subtle sweetness and nutty finish with hints of vanilla, but without a long bitter after taste.

It is great in milk-based drinks, offers a sweet but strong flavour, and is great served in long beverages.


Our Brazilian single estate origin coffee from Chapada Diamantina is everything that is great about the largest producer of coffee in the world, lightly roasted to provide a sweet and chocolatey flavour, with a light body, that is extremely versatile.

It has been roasted longer to reduce acidity which makes it perfect to use in espresso-based drinks, but it is best enjoyed as a brewed coffee to truly experience its wonderful flavour.


A Medium Roasted, organic, single origin coffee sourced directly from the Aproconorsi cooperative in mountainous and remote region of Cajamarca in Peru, this medium bodied coffee suits any style of brewing, great in Espresso based drinks, as a filter coffee or on the French press.

It has a distinctive flavour of Toffee, Honey, and sweet spices such as cinnamon.


As the name suggests, this coffee is Light-Medium roasted sweet coffee, Its main characteristics are marzipan, nougat, hazelnut and light chocolate.

It is a single origin from the Finca Jesper Cooperative in Nicaragua, obtained through direct trade with the cooperative. It is best enjoyed as a filter coffee or as a French press to get the most out of the coffee.


Amokka City Roast is a no-nonsense old school coffee. A medium roasted coffee made up of 75% hand-picked Arabica and 25% high-quality Robusta beans.

With notes of dried fruit, nuts and dark chocolate, City Roast is perfect for filter coffee.


A medium roast, triple certified organic blend of Peru and Guatemala. 100% Arabica organic beans are roasted to highlight and preserve the delicate sweetness, low acidity and notes of nougat and dried fruit.

Impact Trade is AMOKKA's goal for sustainable trade, which makes a difference for the local community in consultation with the coffee farms. Treehuggers Blend is the first mix of coffee from AMOKKA marked with Impact Trade.


Our Amokka Crema Decaf blend, is a blend created in house, using our Nicaraguan and Peruvian Coffee that have been decaffeinated.

100% Arabica, it is a speciality decaf coffee, which is uncommon, and tastes every bit as good as its caffeinated counterparts, with notes of Dates , Chocolate and Walnut, it is rich in taste and has a sweet and long after taste, that won’t keep you up at night.


No range is complete without a coffee from Ethiopia, the home of coffee. We have a close relationship with the producers of this coffee and have completed many projects there.

We have chosen this delicate and fruity Yirgacheffe. Lightly roasted to bring out all of the different taste sensations, it is light bodied and has notes of citrus, bergamot and apple, Enjoy it most brewed on a French press or a Hario V60.