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Early morning - The day starts with the usual rush to the office, we have a long day ahead.

Great Coffee For Top Talent.

Have you ever stopped to ask your employees what they would like in the office? We bet that good coffee features high on their list. In a nutshell, TopBrewer simply offers great coffee on tap. But it is much more than that - it creates the wow-factor; it is a collaboration tool; it is a focal point; it is an experience. Watch employees head straight to the office for their morning coffee. Watch informal meetings happening around the coffee machine. Watch relationships build and ideas grow. Never underestimate the power of great coffee…
"The staff really love the quality of the TopBrewer drinks and we have noticed that people are coming straight to the office for coffee in the morning rather than stopping off at the High Street coffee chains on the way."
Oliver Hammond, Strategic Accounts Director, Fourfront Group

Apple Watch

Time for the first cup of coffee of the day. Usually we would select our daily favourite in a single click by hitting the QuickBrew button on our smartphone or Apple Watch®, but today we fancy a change, so we quickly scroll through the menu and select our choice of coffee. Time for a quick catch up with colleagues before we start work for the day.

Simple and customizable.

Every TopBrewer drink can be customized to your personal preference. Depending on the drink selected, there are different parameters to choose from. Maybe you need a little extra caffeine to start your day - simply move the coffee slider up. Maybe you prefer decaf, low-fat milk or maybe even a flavour. No problem… the TopBrewer will help you find your perfect drink.
"Love the iPhone App so I can customise
my coffee the way I want it."
Damian Savage, Group IT Manager, Jellyfish Group


The height adjustable TopBrewer faucet allows you to easily fill jugs of still orsparkling water, hot water & coffee, making meeting preparations simple and hassle-free. You can even elegantly integrate a TopBrewer directly into your meeting room or breakout space, allowing your staff and guests to select whichever specialty drink they prefer from the full menu.

Use it like a pro

With extensive options, the TopBrewer is a journey of exploration. From simply creating your favorite drink, to saving it on your device, to setting up QuickBrew and using multiple devices.

If you have multiple offices, the TopBrewer can even be set up so that your saved favourite works in all your locations, and so that all drinks in each office taste exactly the same. What if your company has a unique, most-used drink? It can be created, adapted and named by you.

We automatically push out the latest TopBrewer features via wireless updates. This means your TopBrewer, over time, will unlock the latest new features, keeping your coffee machine fully up-to-date with the latest technology and cutting-edge innovations. We can also help with remote support and error diagnosis. We are continuously developing and expanding the TopBrewer eco-system for the benefit of our customers.

We always push out the latest TopBrewer features via wireless updates. This means your TopBrewer, with time, will unlock new features, keeping your coffee machine fully up-to-date with the latest technology and cutting-edge innovations. We can also help with remote support and error diagnosis. We are continuously developing and expanding the TopBrewer eco-system for the benefit of our customers.
Frederik Vibe-Petersen, Product R&D, Scanomat HQ

Lunch and mixed drinks

Lunch; and lets be honest we are all hungry! We walk straight to the canteen, where we are met with the tempting smells of freshly cooked food. We may not wish to drink coffee with our food, but no worries, the TopJuicer, a sister product in the TopBrewer family, is on hand to offer a variety cold drinks.

The Coffee in the TopBrewer - It's Special.

Our TopBrewer coffee has been specially designed for the TopBrewer by us, and is roasted under the same roof where we build the machines. I spend countless hours locating and finding the best coffee farms around the world, sampling, batch-roasting, and finally producing, the best coffee for your TopBrewer.

Why is this important? Well, for us coffee geeks, the perfect espresso is dependent on many things, like water quality, pressure, grinding, etc.

We designed the TopBrewer to do all of these things just like a barista, but if the beans aren't perfect, no matter how good the process, the coffee will not taste good.

We work in Direct Trade with coffee farms, ensuring a stable flow and premium quality of coffee. This also means we can go into the same level of detail with the coffee as we do with the TopBrewer, ensuring a complete coffee experience, specifically designed for our customers.
Morten Riiskjær, Master Roaster, Amokka

Time to Hydrate

Its thirsty work and important to stay hydrated. We head to the refreshment point to grab a chilled glass of sparkling water from the TopBrewer. We bump into a colleague and get chatting about an upcoming project. We set a meeting for next week - perfect.

Endless Coffee supply...

Well we all wish this was a reality! The TopBrewer makes life easy by notifying you, or the person responsible, to refill the coffee beansand other supplies when they are running low. We think this is a much more efficient solution than checking the machine at regular intervals and ensures that you, your colleagues or guests don't experience the "whoops, we are out of beans" scenario. We also help with the hygiene aspects of running a coffee machine, as the TopBrewer automatically cleans itself after each drink without you even noticing, making sure each drink is fresh every time.


We pride ourselves in creating one of the best espressos in the industry. Tampered with 20kg, 9 Bar pressure and 94º water, with an extraction time of 25 seconds. TopBrewer creates a delicious espresso with a full body and rich crema.

TopBrewer and the environment

TopBrewer uses up to 90 per cent less energy in the idle state than competitor models. Unlike most coffee machines, there is no hot water boiler in the TopBrewer. Instead fresh water is flash-heated for each and every drink. In power-saving mode, TopBrewer has a very low 7-watt energy consumption. With the built-in schedule system operators can set a timer to switch to standby automatically at quiet times. TopBrewer is manufactured mostly from steel, which is the most recycled material in the world.
"Scanomat have managed to combine a clean and intuitive design with a highly functional machine"
Peter Haigh, CEO of Mintel

Provided Services

Fresh speciality coffee.

Our coffee is freshly roasted under the same roof that our machines are made. Each batch is tested, tasted and roasted especially for the TopBrewer.

Customization & Individuality

The minimal faucet elegantly fits into any environment. With different finishes you can easily adapt it to your style. The bespoke branding options add the perfect finishing touch to your space.

Service & Support

With remote service desk and self-cleaning functionality, we optimise on uptime. Over-the-air updates unlock new features and bring you a dynamic evolving coffee experience, within a growing eco-system.

What we do

Our main focus

We pride ourselves in being a growing ecosystem. We believe our beautiful product should integrate directly into any environment. We believe the coffee produced should be amazing; Speciality Coffee. And finally, we believe that we should always be available for our clients no matter how simple the question.

Inspiration Interface & Unique Design

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Speciality Coffee

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Service & Support

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