Start of another busy day

Getting ready to open up. Time to set up the coffee machines. Luckily the TopBrewer is ready to go in just 45 seconds; simply refill the coffee beans and fresh milk and you’re ready to serve a speciality coffee experience that your customers will never forget . . .

Deliver premium coffee on tap for your valued customers

Designed to meet the needs of the next generation coffee consumer, TopBrewer combines cutting-edge design, premium quality beverages, cashless payment and IoT technology, to deliver a variety of speciality drinks at the touch of the TopBrewer app. TopBrewer breaks through the clutter and hassle of traditional bean-to-cup coffee machines to free up precious counter space and deliver a unique and personalised coffee experience. With its clean lines and minimal design, the TopBrewer provides a smart, stylish solutions for retail that complements your perfect customer experience. A single TopBrewer can deliver a wide range of premium drinks with no compromise on coffee quality – water is heated from fresh for every cup, whilst fresh milk is steamed and frothed to a silky smooth texture. We love to personalise the TopBrewer for our clients and can include your logo on the swan neck or drip tray for a really special touch.
"Our TopBrewer machine (or as we call it here at My Home Bakery in Glasgow - our Frederick) joined our team 2 years ago. That’s 2 years of not being worried about the consistency of the coffee we sell, its quality or even days off for our barista. You just push the selected drink on the iPad and continue serving customers - the coffee is ready - all you have to wait for is the “WOW” from first time customers."
Kristaps Otisons, My Home Bakery

Rush hour . . . first coffee of the day

Barista service, self service or to go?

TopBrewer is the versatile coffee solution that makes the impossible possible; your customers can select, personalise, and even pay for their coffee using the award-winning TopBrewer app. TopBrewer gives you the freedom to engage and interact with your customers in a whole new way to suit your style of service. Looking for a self-service solution? A self-contained TopBrewer unit is a great way to create a fast-paced and intuitive coffee station, allowing customers to order and pay for their coffee straight from their smartphone and avoid the queues. Barista service? No problem, your baristas will have great fun customising drinks for their customers knowing that they can deliver a first class coffee every time. TopBrewer, have even taken their unique concept one step further by opening the world’s first app controlled cafe.

Seamless, cashless payment made simple

TopBrewer offers a totally unique connected coffee experience with an innovative and instinctive user experience. The TopBrewer app is free to download on iOS & Android and allows users to customise their drinks to individual preference, and even save a favourite to enjoy every time they visit a TopBrewer machine. The TopBrewer accommodates all types of cashless payment to make charging for drinks simple and easy.

Pay by Mobile: Download the TopBrewer app to pay by mobile. Users select drink to purchase, payment is verified and drink is dispensed. The TopBrewer will recognise if Apple Pay is available and your security thumb print / pin code will action.

Pay by Card: Using a Scanomat designed card reader, users can pay with any Visa or MasterCard. Pay via chip & pin or using a contactless enabled card. Simply select a drink using the built-in iPad, hold the contactless card near the reader and the payment is automatically verified and deducted.
"Love the iPhone App so I can customise
my coffee the way I want it."
Damian Savage, Group IT Manager, Jellyfish Group

Time for a well-earned coffee break . . .

Whether it’s a break from the office, remote ‘Coffice’ working, a break from shopping or meeting up with friends, TopBrewer provides a unique and personalised coffee experience that enables more proactive staff interaction with customers.

The TopBrewer is all about Specialty coffee

Our coffee has been specially designed for the TopBrewer by us, and is roasted under the same roof where we build the machines. We spend countless hours locating and finding the best coffee farms around the world, sampling, batch-roasting, and finally producing, the best coffee for your TopBrewer.

Why is this important? Well, for us coffee geeks, the perfect espresso is dependent on many things, like water quality, pressure, grinding, etc. We designed the TopBrewer to do all of these things just like a barista, but if the beans aren't perfect, no matter how good the process, the coffee will not taste good.

We work in Direct Trade with coffee farms, ensuring a stable flow and premium quality of coffee. This also means we can go into the same level of detail with the coffee as we do with the TopBrewer, ensuring a complete coffee experience, specifically designed for our customers.
Morten Riiskjær, Master Roaster, Amokka
“The TopBrewer has enhanced the new facilities and clients have been impressed by the minimalist concept of the machine and obviously the wonderful beverages it produces.”
Sophie Lesnoff, Head of Customer Services & Terminal Operations, TAG Farnborough Airport

Lunchtime rush

Its the lunchtime rush; time to top up the beans, milk and juice for the perfect variety of premium hot and cold drinks to complement your tempting snacks and freshly-cooked food.

TopBrewer Cold Brew – try the most flavoursome
cold brew coffee on the market

Cold brew is the latest trend to take the coffee industry by storm and now Scanomat have designed an all new TopBrewer Cold Brew unit to supply Cold Brew on tap. Cold Brew Coffee, not to be confused with iced coffee, is a process whereby the coffee bean flavour is extracted in cold water for up to 24 hours and then diluted with water to produce a sweeter, less acidic drink.

The TopBrewer Cold Brew unit serves coffee with our without milk, foamed or flat, and with or without syrups.

The elegant Cold Brew faucet may also dispense water, juice, smoothies, wine, chocolate, etc. There is also the option to make ice-tea, ice-latte, ice-cappuccino, etc, for a delicious refreshing menu that is ideal for the summer.

Time for some afternoon refreshment

TopBrewer is at the cutting edge of coffee brewing technology. The location-based iBeacon technology sends messages direct to end users via the TopBrewer app.

Retailers who use iBeacon technology and Bluetooth can actively target consumers within range to push messages, reminders and promotions to attract customers and build loyalty. A message appears on their smartphone home screen allowing users to open the app directly and personalise their drink with just a couple of clicks.

Use it like a pro

From an operations point of view, CoffeeCloud provides an integrated management tool with real-time data and analytics at your fingertips. CoffeeCloud gives you access to key metrics and diagnostics from your dashboard, allowing you to work smarter and faster throughout your business. With cross-device compatibility you can access the dashboard on smartphone, tablet or PC, for real time insights at your fingertips. CoffeeCloud will change how you run your business, and it will change the entire landscape of coffee machine operation.

If you have multiple outlets, the TopBrewer can even be set up so that saved favourite drinks work and taste the same in all your outlets. Do you have a unique, speciality drink? It can be created, adapted and named by you.

We automatically push out the latest TopBrewer features via wireless updates. This means your TopBrewer can unlock the latest new features, keeping your coffee machine fully up-to-date with the latest technology and cutting-edge innovations. We can also help with remote support and error diagnosis. We are continuously developing and expanding the TopBrewer eco-system for the benefit of our customers.
Frederik Vibe-Petersen, Product R&D, Scanomat HQ

No queues, no mess, no fuss

The TopBrewer makes life easy by notifying you, or the person responsible, to refill the coffee beans and other supplies when they are running low. We think this is a much more efficient solution than checking the machine at regular intervals and ensures that you, your colleagues or customers, don't experience the "whoops, we are out of beans" scenario. We also help with the hygiene aspects of running a coffee machine, as the TopBrewer automatically cleans itself after each drink without you even noticing, making sure that each drink is fresh every time.

Closing up for the day.

Time to check your Coffeecloud stats and place your order from a wide range of fresh TopBrewer coffee, delivered to your door next day.*

TopBrewer and the environment

TopBrewer uses up to 90 per cent less energy in the idle state than competitor models. Unlike most coffee machines, there is no hot water boiler in the TopBrewer. Instead fresh water is flash-heated for each and every drink. In power-saving mode, TopBrewer has a very low 7-watt energy consumption. With the built-in schedule system operators can set a timer to switch to standby automatically at quiet times. TopBrewer is manufactured mostly from steel, which is the most recycled material in the world.
"Scanomat have managed to combine a clean and intuitive design with a highly functional machine"
Peter Haigh, CEO of Mintel

Provided Services

Fresh speciality coffee.

Our coffee is freshly roasted under the same roof that our machines are made. Each batch is tested, tasted and roasted especially for the TopBrewer.

Customization & Individuality

The minimal faucet elegantly fits into any environment. With different finishes you can easily adapt it to your style. The bespoke branding options add the perfect finishing touch to your space.

Service & Support

With remote service desk and self-cleaning functionality, we optimise on uptime. Over-the-air updates unlock new features and bring you a dynamic evolving coffee experience, within a growing eco-system.

What we do

Our main focus

We pride ourselves in being a growing ecosystem. We believe our beautiful product should integrate directly into any environment. The coffee produced should be amazing; Speciality Coffee. And finally, that we should always be available for our clients no matter how simple the question.

Inspiration Interface & Unique Design

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Speciality Coffee

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Service & Support

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