Apple Watch Have a trick up your sleeve...

With the TopBrewer Apple Watch® app, your favourite coffee is a single click away on your wrist, using the latest tech from your smartphone such as iBeacon® proximity. This new technology, enables ordinary objects to know when your iPhone is within a certain distance, which then be used to trigger a notification from your home screen or your Apple Watch. As the first to introduce automatic coffee brewing through a smart watch, Scanomat is the first mover in the digital segment of the intersection between coffee and technology.
Scanomat believes if you combine these in the right way, you will be able to produce some of the best tasting coffee you can find, personalised exactly to the users specific taste.

Taking the user experience into perspective – with the TopBrewer Watch® app, you are only a single click away from brewing your favourite coffee, with the support of a new feature called QuickBrew. All your drinks We are very excited to present a new and unique coffee experience.

The Apple Watch changes the way we interact with our coffee machine, and this means your favourite coffee is only a click away. The Apple Watch is a very personal product, just like coffee, and we believe that we can connect the two, giving users the most personalised coffee experience yet.
The TopBrewer app will make your QuickBrew selection directly available on your smart watch. Simply connect to multiple machines, and get your favourite drink easily. Our app loads in the full menu from your machine so you can select any of the available drinks and with one click you will be able to start the brewing process on the machine.

Changing the way you approach coffee QuickBrew enables the user to trigger their desired drink, without having to manually connect to a machine or browse through the menu.

The choice will then appear seamlessly on the Apple Watch® face or iPhone home screen when you encounter a machine, and only when you are in near proximity.

The TopBrewer is then able to brew your favourite drink from just a click on the Apple Watch®“. TopBrewer for Apple Watch® is now available in the App Store, and will be exclusive to iPhone 4S and above.

“Normally people have habits when it comes to coffee, and they tend to drink the same every single time. With QuickBrew, the user is able to either choose a predefined drink or customise their own and make it their desired “QuickBrew” option” says Frederik Vibe-Petersen, Scanomat’s lead on the project.

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