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Which sectors are leading the way in office design?

Workplace design is becoming an art form in itself as companies compete to stay one step ahead in the battle to attract and retain the best talent. But what makes a successful workplace design and which sectors are really excelling in this space?

Needless to say, a successful office isn’t just about looking cool, it is about creating an environment that complements the company’s culture, core values and business practices.

Different sectors and industries have different needs from their office design. Here is our view on which sectors are leading the way in specific areas of workplace design.

Best for Agile Working: Technology Firms

It is no surprise that tech firms are early adopters of new workplace technologies which has provided them with much more flexibility in the overall workplace design and given them a significant advantage when creating flexible and agile workspaces (a very popular workplace design trends right now). Thanks to technology advancements, employees no longer need to be strapped to their desks and can work anywhere they choose – in or out of the office! Tech firms rely on collaboration and idea sharing which has seen the rise of co-working spaces and accelerator hubs such as Level39 in Canary Wharf, a technology accelerator space for the fintech industry. It is no surprise that London has become one of the most important tech hubs in the world. Tech firms are also creating innovation centres to showcase their newest technology products, a great example of this is at Xerox.


Best for Premium Lounges: Insurance Firms

When it comes to premium lounges and incredible views, insurance firms are leading the way. The insurance industry is booming right now and we have seen many luxury new offices and refurbishment projects spring up around London, such as Liberty Specialty Markets who merged several London offices into 20 Fenchurch Street last year. The broker lounge is a key focus within insurance office design and often boasts the most awe-inspiring views, with the interior aspect focussed on soft seating areas and premium refreshments. An excellent example of this can be seen at QBE Insurance’s refurbished offices at Plantation Place.


Best for Reception Areas: Law Firms

Law firms are setting the standard when it comes to reception areas. Legal firms are out to impress their clients from the outset so often make a statement in their reception areas with large sweeping reception desks and concierge style service. The breakout area is also a key feature in law firms and a great example of this is seen at Bates Wells Braithwaite where they have integrated a mix of quiet zones and areas to relax.


Best for Breakout Spaces: Architect & Design Firms

Architect & Design firms want to encourage collaboration amongst employees and one way to do this is by creating inviting breakout spaces that allow staff to work together informally. An excellent example can be seen at Assael Architecture where they have created a large ‘play’ zone on the ground floor of their office which includes a coffee area and pool table. Oktra and RIBA have also created impressive breakout areas with an emphasis on collaboration and creating ‘bump’ opportunities around the central coffee area.


No carbon cut-out formula

In our view, a successful office design should be designed with people in mind. Every business is different and there is no carbon cut-out formula, but providing a clear brief based on evidence, not assumption, should help to deliver a successful workplace design that suits the needs of your business and your people.


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