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TopBrewer recognized as an ideal coffee machine for Operators

Food Service Equipment Journal has recognized TopBrewer as one of the top three machines that are changing the commercial coffee landscape and giving operators value for their money. The journal had a chat with our colleagues from Scanomat UK who highlighted more about the TopBrewer and what makes it a model suited for multi-site operation. Here are the excerpts from the journal.

Tell us about its key benefits…

Scanomat’s TopBrewer is among the most advanced premium commercial coffee machines available on the market for multi-site operators. Its unique app-based system means that the latest software updates are sent ‘over the air’, free of charge to each and every machine across the globe as soon as they are released. This means that multi-site operators can be assured that their entire fleet of equipment will always be up to date with the latest TopBrewer technology at no extra cost. The system’s CoffeeCloud smart management platform, meanwhile, allows users to access real-time data such as drink counts, last clean and fault reports in an instant.

What makes this model suitable for a multi-site operation?

There are two TopBrewer models available: the Professional Series, which is suitable for higher volume outlets, and the Compact Series, which is ideal for quieter outlets. From a customer perspective, both machines look identical on the surface, it is only the equipment underneath the counter that is different, meaning that the end-user will always get the exact same gourmet coffee experience at every outlet regardless of the machine model. This is vital for multi-site operators that want to offer consistent quality coffee and have sufficient flexibility to handle different usage and volume patterns.

How much training is needed to use this piece of equipment?

The TopBrewer is completely app-controlled making it really simple and intuitive to operate. That said, Scanomat has a team of highly-skilled TopBrewer baristas in the field that offer first-class training to operators from day one.

Which one feature would most benefit a multi-site operator?

Scanomat claims that CoffeeCloud is the most advanced cloud management platform for coffee machines available today and insists it will change the entire landscape of coffee machine operation. The vision of CoffeeCloud is to allow every individual who is involved in coffee machine operation and business management to have access to instant real-time data at their fingertips, either via the app or on their desktop. The alerts and notifications facility is a valuable tool for multi-site clients as they can be notified instantly when specific events occur, for example if a machine is running low on beans, saving valuable time and energy. Multi-site restaurant operators can also have a complete overview of their entire TopBrewer fleet as well as drilling down into specific information about each site, making coffee machine management smart, efficient and hassle-free.

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