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TopBrewer on The Gadget Show… once again!

We don’t mean to hog your screens but we were over the moon that the TopBrewer was featured yet again on The Gadget Show; this time as part of a ‘connected home’ feature.  If you missed it, then never fear, as you can still watch it On Demand

In this episode (Season 20 – Episode 14), Ortis and Jason look at the growing trend of Home Automation and put a range of connected products to the test; including a smart control system which allows you to consolidate up to eight remote controls into one app, a wireless music sound bar that you can communicate with via text message, light bulbs that flash red when the smoke alarm sounds, and a smart heating system which learns which rooms you use and warms them up for you in advance.

These ‘smart’ products can be categorised under the ‘Internet of Things’ which is a term used to describe a category of ‘things’ that have embedded technology and are able to enhance our daily lives through information sharing and data.

When TopBrewer was last featured on The Gadget Show (Season 19 – Episode 2) it was highly acclaimed for the quality of the coffee by none other than Italy’s top barista, Giacomo Vanelli, who said it was “The best coffee he’d ever tasted from an automated machine.”

But how did the TopBrewer Home compare in Season 20?  Watch it here about 5 and a half minutes into the show!

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Our Top Pick: Heat Genius

Featured alongside us on The Gadget Show was a product that’s also packed full of technical wizardry, but is practically invisible!  Consisting of a few discreet components linked by a wireless network, the Heat Genius smart heating control system links your radiators to the internet, allowing you to control the temperature of each room from an app, wherever you are.

What’s unique is that it even lets you go one step further: full automation.  Stick a wireless ‘smart sensor’ in each room and it’ll watch and learn when you normally use each room of your home, and schedule that room to warm up in time for your arrival.  It’s even smart enough to work out how long it needs to pre-heat the room by checking the weather conditions.  It can also reduce the temperature when it’s sunny and automatically turn the radiator off when you open the window.

All this intelligence means you can stay cosy without wastefully burning gas on heating empty rooms, cutting bills and carbon pollution.  And even better, it’s so smart you’ll probably forget it’s even there!

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