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The Future is Here: Scanomat’s TopBrewer Available for Apple Watch

“Innovation – The introduction of something new: a new method, idea or device” – Merriam Webster

“A few years back, while trolling the floor of the Architectural Digest Home Show in New York, I happened across an appliance, to be more particular, a coffee delivery system that challenged the notion of the traditional coffee appliance.  There simply was nothing on the market like it and, as a result, D’Scoop unofficially titled it our 2013 Appliance of the Year.  The stunning machine that caught my attention (and the attention of countless other designers, architects, and media persona) was TopBrewer, the brainchild of Danish coffee systems developer Scanomat.”

“It truly was and is, an innovation in a market promoting traditional coffee delivery systems.”

“Similarly, Scanomat’s goal in the development of TopBrewer had also been to promote better, more user-oriented, experiences with technology consumers encountered in their daily activities.  With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that Scanomat announced this past week that their QuickBrew app functionality would be made available for the Apple Watch, literally bringing the experience of ordering the perfect cup of coffee, be it an Americano or Espresso, within arm’s reach.  A few taps brings both the drink selection and option menus to a user’s fingertips.”


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