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HOST 2017 in Milan was a great success!

Scanomat once again wowed the crowd

First of all, thank you all to the thousands of people that visited us over the past 5 days at HOST 2017, the large tradeshow in Hospitality and Business in Milan. Scanomat once again went to the show with a fleet of news that we could proudly present.

The stand was divided into 4 main categories; ColdBrew, Hospitality, Office, and Café. 

This was to show how diverse the TopBrewer actually is. To put your minds into gear, to inspire and to let you indulge. By all standards, this was surely a success. All of our visitors could really get a feeling for how diverse the TopBrewer family of products are.

Revolutionizing ColdBrew

We have taken ColdBrew to a never before seen level. ColdBrew is coarsely ground coffee, steeped in cold water for an extended period of time, which gently extracts subtle flavors out otherwise lost in hot brewing and presents the individual enjoying it with a pallet of low bitterness, fruity and citric like flavors and a refreshing taste with a natural high-caffeine content. Zero sugar, zero calories.

We’ve taken this experience a step further by a secret recipe, brewing is from the best Organic Beans from Peru. We then serve it as a ColdBrew out of our TopBrewer tap, with the option to serve it as a NitroCoffee. This process usually requires a separate Nitrogen tank, but we’ve come up with a way to do it without the tank and instead literally produce it out of thin air. The user can select the level of NitroCoffee-foam they would like and even add flavors right there and then. With the innovative bag-in-box approach with a quick-connect system, operation and maintenance have never been simpler.

Roll in the machine, plug in the power – and you’re ready to brew. Fun and tasteful additions like our Mango Smoothie/Shake option wowed many, with cold milk foam delivered right in front of their eyes and infused mango. Cold Latte’s. Cold Chocolate. The list goes on – and we will continue to innovate and add more bag-in-box options as we launch the product next year.

CoffeeCloud – the worlds most advanced cloud solution

We also showcased our CoffeeCloud, the industry-leading platform for real-time BIG-data. All our TopBrewer products throughout the history of making them are able to go online and share hundreds of data-points that allow the user, the operator and us to analyze data on both consumptions, technical occurrences, payment transactions and more. With the CoffeeCloud there is now a Proactive Approach for operating our equipment. You can read much more about it here

Hospitality, Office, Café and beyond

Being the only machine in the market that can seamlessly be integrated into any environment, industry-leading architects, contractors, buyers, and managers are all in agreement. The TopBrewer is the best choice for a fully automatic solution. We showcased the machine in habitats like the hotel buffet, where Juice was coming out fresh right next to fresh bread and croissants without interrupting the aesthetics.

We gave you ideas on how you can place two TopBrewer Pro’s next to each other in only 80 cm of width and do a powerful self-service solution, boasting cup-dispenser and a new iPad enclosure for unparalleled self-service performance. With our upcoming payment solution with built in NFC, the ease-of-use in a situation of payment is once again transformed. The user experience is in focus and speed is of the essence. No more clunky and ugly payment solutions.

The Office will never be the same again, as collaborative workspaces intersect with the beverage bar. The TopBrewer is quite and fast – it fits into any corporate office and shines in making both milk based coffee beverages based on fresh-ground beans, tea water, ice-water and Co2 water.

And lastly, the modern café with a complete focus on customer interaction and profitability. The iPad works as both the control for the machine as well as the POS system. It’s all right there in front of the customer, allowing you to keep eye contact and achieve higher customer engagement and satisfaction. Cafe’s can be made smaller, leaner and more efficient, with the ability to store 30 liters of milk (even with more options at your fingertips) and having two TopBrewer Pro’s sharing the fridge for simple cleaning and maintenance.

The bonus: TopCocktail

We’ve developed this on the back of our years of experience with mixing and our iPad operated menu serves as the perfect tool. The TopCocktail surely was a hit, serving more than 500 cocktails to visitors and leaving all in awe of the quality. With the ability to make cocktails from individual ingredients, it was clear to our guests how diverse the machine really was.

Making a true Espresso martini from fresh espresso, Kahlua and Vodka, the machine brings up all ingredients and beautifully foams it to perfection, just as if a bartender had shaken and stirred it. Aficionados passed by and gave the thumbs up on several occasions to both the Espresso Martini and the 11 other cocktails on the menu, including Pina Collada’s made from fresh coconut extract, delivered directly into the glass in seconds with a creamy and beautiful texture. There is nothing else on the market.

With such a reception, it’s clear that we have enough pre-orders to go into second stage development. Customers will have to patiently wait as the pre-order list grows.

Once again thank you to our great sales teams from Scanomat UK, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. To our technical team for fighting the fight to make our ambitions possible. To partners that brings out the TopBrewer Experience every day in our ever growing network of resellers. And to you for coming and putting a smile on our face. See you before you know it!

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