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Five products available – transform your home or workplace

The internet of things, or IoT, as it is affectionately known as in the tech community, is a hot topic at the moment.  Smart devices and apps have the potential to enhance your life, make your home or workplace more efficient and keep you safe.  Below we look at a selection of IoT product areas that are already available on the market and could potentially change your world for good.

There is nothing worse than coming home to a freezing cold house in the winter.  Imagine if you could turn on your heating and set the temperature before you even walked through the front door. This is now possible with Hive, a new device and app available for British Gas customers.  With the potential for saving you money and energy, this device is a cost effective and handy tool.

Smoke detector
Safety is an important factor for us all, particularly when it comes to our homes. Nest, the now Google-owned start up, have developed the world’s first smart smoke and carbon monoxide detector, Nest Protect.  This device speaks to you in a human voice to alert you of any danger and can send messages to your app if carbon monoxide levels rise too high.

Coffee machine
Have you ever woken in the morning dreaming of a strong cup of coffee? What if you could order your coffee with your smartphone before leaving your bed to be ready by the time you entered the kitchen? The TopBrewer by Scanomat is the world’s first app controlled coffee machine.  The app allows you to be the barista, letting you customize your drink to your liking and even save it as a favorite for future enjoyment.  Soon many other appliances will be controlled in the same way, from your oven to your fridge.

We all love a bit of mood lighting and the lighting in your home or office can completely change the ambience of a room. Phillips have developed Hue, a range of colour changing light bulbs that can be controlled from your smartphone app to suit your mood.

Baby monitor
This is another smart device that is centered around safety. This device allows you to keep a close eye on your sleeping baby from your phone or tablet.

The world around us is changing to be a smarter, app controlled space. Manufacturers who are already developing products that fit into the internet of things now are set to carve the future of the modern connected home and workplace.

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