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COFFEEPRINT Fund New Water Tap Station for Primary School

Our Ethiopian coffee partner, COFFEEPRINT have funded a new water tap station for a Primary School in Jano Mile, Ethiopia.  Previously, the school children did not have access to any fresh, clean water and had to carry water with them over long distances in plastic gerry cans.

As part of their commitment to the local community, COFFEEPRINT provided the materials and construction workers for the project. The villagers were invited to get involved with the project to give them a sense of ownership. According to COFFEEPRINT, the villagers, and in particular the school children, are very proud of the water tap station they have built.

COFFEEPRINT is a family-run business based in Sidamo, a region famous for growing very high quality coffee at a high altitude. The Sidamo coffee has become a central part of our Amokka Crema coffee blend which is one of our most popular coffees! This delicious coffee is also available as a single estate.


We are very proud that the contributions from our Direct Trade relationship with COFFEEPRINT is being spent on long lasting projects that have a direct positive impact on the local community.

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