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Café Show in Seoul, Korea

We are now live at the Cafe Show in the Coex exhibition Centre in the heart of Seoul, South Korea.

The Café Show has become the largest coffee show on the planet, boasting all the big names in the industry. This year it’s even more of special occasion, as the world Barista Championships are being held here.

TopBrewer is here for the first time and ready to serve our renowned coffee for the Korean market, one that has in increasing focus on quality coffee. So much that many names in the coffee industry sees Korea as one of their most important markets.

We’ve partnered with LaMill, a Coffee Roaster out of Los Angeles. They roast our TopBrewer Coffee with perfection, with their longstanding profound knowledge within the craft.

TopBrewer will launch in January for Korea and we are already accepting pre-Orders. We will start with launching our Compact and Pro and later introduce the ColdBrew and Juice machine lineup.

The TopBrewer will fit beautifully into the marketplace of Korea. It’s going to be a slam dunk – Craig Min, owner of LaMill

I’m on site to introduce the machine into the market, as part of the family behind the TopBrewer. The demand for Korea has been there for a long time but we needed do find the right partner first. Our strategy is the same around the world and since the quality is so important, that puzzle had to be solved first. But I’m very excited to be workin with LaMill who is a true advocate for quality coffee. They’ve been in the market for many years in Korea, so their local knowledge will be very valuable as well.

The show is located in the magnificent Coex building in the heart of Seoul. A very special venue indeed. As mentioned, alle the big names in coffee is here and the Korean people’s coffee culture has truly blossomed in the last 7-8 years. Competition is also fierce, but we’re bringing something brand new to the game.

“Craig and I have been pulling shots out of the TopBrewer with 20grams of coffee and people usually drop their jaw once they taste what the machine can actually deliver. It’s quite fun, because a lot of people are here because they are searching for that perfect cup and that culture has really seeped into the café market – but not yet into the Hotel, Restaurant and Office sector. This is where the TopBrewer brings a whole new level to the game.”

We look forward to welcoming a whole fleet of customers to our stand in Hall C, 3rd floor of the Coex building.


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