Prinsenhof Suite Guesthouse

Trend Agency HBMEO chose to install the TopBrewer into luxury new guesthouse, Prinsenhof Suite, to create the perfect city-centre ‘home from home’, combining luxury, sustainability and smart solutions.

Nestled between two canals in a recently renovated 17th Century building in the heart of Amsterdam is the Prinsenhof Suite. Created by advertising and PR agency, HBMEO, with style, luxury and sustainability in mind, Prinsenhof Suite is the perfect place to experience the future of premium hospitality. Prinsenhof Suite, and slightly smaller Prinsenhof Studio, are fully equipped with the latest technology, products and services.

Prinsenhof Suite chose to build their TopBrewer into a vintage style cabinet. The unique design of the TopBrewer means it can be installed into any cabinet, provided the unit meets the size requirements. The sleek swan-neck tap is the only thing you see, with the machine itself discreetly housed under the counter.

As well as looking the part, TopBrewer provides fresh, barista-quality coffee, chilled and sparkling water, as well as hot water for tea drinkers, making it ideal for the contemporary guesthouse.

Vincent van Dijk, Trend Watcher, partner at HBMEO, and host at the elegant guest house, said: “Welcoming guests with a freshly brewed cup of coffee instead of unnecessary check-in rituals; for me that’s the ideal starting point of hospitality.”

For Vincent, personal customisation is an integral part of premium hospitality. Visitors can create drinks to their exact requirements with the app-controlled TopBrewer. He said; “The future is a combination of craft and technique, high quality, and customisation. TopBrewer brings these trends together.”

Vincent understands the importance of design and minimalism to hotel guests and incorporated that into the design theme.

“At Prinsenhof Suite, we tried to combine modern design with authentic elements. Without respect for the past, there’s no future. TopBrewer is built into a vintage cabinet to connect the past with the future.”

The TopBrewer also has many features that appealed to Prinsenhof Suite’s desire for a sustainable guesthouse. The 7-watt standby mode and recycled stainless steel used for the machine means it is has a reduced carbon footprint. The energy efficiency is improved due to the water being flash-heated, rather than the continuous heating of water in a boiler. All of which matched Prinsenhof Suite’s values and ethics.

Vincent adds; “We believe that sustainability is the future of hospitality. TopBrewer is a sustainable coffee maker; it’s highly efficient and reduces waste.”

Hanneke ten Buuren, Managing Director at TopBrewer Netherland comments:

“It’s great to see how Prinsenhof Suite have made the TopBrewer their own. Its unique design means it can easily and attractively be incorporated into most spaces, without ruining the aesthetic. We are delighted that Prinsenhof Suite chose the TopBrewer for their luxury guesthouse, and we hope their clients enjoy their premium coffee experience.”


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