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There’s no question that we love our coffee

“There’s no question that we love our coffee, but we’re often far less intrigued by the brewing process than we are the result. With its incredibly sleek design and simple iPhone or iPad control, Scanomat’s faucet-like TopBrewer could easily become one of the few exceptions, however. This fully automatic coffee machine grinds your beans, measures out ingredients and foams milk, before dishing out the perfect cup. But iOS control is the keystone of this elegant solution, letting you make your beverage selection from a wireless device, leaving nothing but the stainless steel tap exposed. Craving a cappuccino? Simply toss your cup under the spigot and tap an icon. You can also dispense cold milk or water, hot chocolate and even carbonated water — all from the same head. Scanomat has yet to hint at a release date or price, but if you have to ask… Jump past the break for a quick taste, courtesy of some lucky folks at a hospitality industry expo in Milan.”

Source: http://www.engadget.com/2011/12/05/scanomat-topbrewer-brings-iphone-control-elegant-design-to-sing/



We’ve covered some minimalist coffee machines before, but damn.

“The Scanomat Top Brewer lurks underneath your kitchen counter or inside your island, using dual grinders to ensure your source is as fresh as possible, heating fresh water for every cup using a unique boiler system and cleaning itself automatically, all springing to life with a single tap on your iPhone. It takes just 15 seconds to deliver a cup of filtered coffee, 25 seconds for a shot of espresso, and likely even less time to empty your bank account.”

Source: http://uncrate.com/stuff/scanomat-top-brewer/



Minimalist coffee maker hides all the hardware

“If the minimalist aesthetic in your kitchen is cramping your ability to brew up a cup of joe whenever you need a caffeine boost, Scanomat’s Top Brewer keeps all the grinding and brewing hardware under the counter, out of sight.”

“It even has what it boasts to be the smallest milk foamer in the industry, installed at the very tip of the dispenser where it heats and foams to the required texture as needed. And if coffee isn’t your thing, the Top Brewer can be configured to dispense hot and cold water, milk, fruit juices or even just steam for blanching vegetables.”

Source: http://gizmodo.com/coffee/



Clearly, a benefit to humanity.

“At first glance the spigot may elicit a question about why a water faucet would be mounted in that particular place–especially without a sink to go with it–but then upon further examination, the device would be revealed to be not a water faucet, but a coffee faucet. Finally, we can all stop acting like heathens and enjoy coffee the way it was meant to be enjoyed–like it poured forth from some eternal spring.”

“Beans are ground and utilized according to what drink is selected (from either the touch-screen interface or a compatible phone ortablet) and then delivered via the faucet for exceptionally fast beverage service. While user intervention is required to refill the beans and/or milk supply, the automated cleaning cycle is certainly a step into the future. And nothing against running water or light bulbs, but coffee on demand andself-cleaning? Now that’s true progress.”

Source: http://www.cnet.com/8301-13553_1-57335861-32/finally-a-coffee-faucet/



A Flying car, a robot butler, and a tap that dispenses hot beverages?

“Wouldn’t it be cool if, along with your flying car and your robot butler, you had a tap in your kitchen that dispensed hot beverages? You’d just shuffle into the kitchen in the morning, and grab a cappuccino in the same way that you’d usually get a glass of water from the tap in the sink – that said, it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to put your mouth right up to the coffee tap. Anyhow, such a thing does indeed now exist, and it’s called the Top Brewer.”

“Unlike traditional coffee-makers, which draw power continuously to keep the coffee hot, the Top Brewer shuts off completely when not serving up Java. When a user wants a cup, it can go from being cold and inactive to brewing that cup within 45 seconds. Users can wirelessly stipulate the type of drink they want (along with its parameters, such as temperature, cream and sugar content, etc.) using a custom app on their iPhone. For non-Apple types, a keyboard on the unit can be used for the same purpose.”

Source: http://www.gizmag.com/top-brewer-coffee-from-tap/20711/



Like a caffeinated iceberg, the majority of the TopBrewer is beneath the surface.

“The TopBrewer is the ultimate coffee machine for the minimal denialist. Instead of having your eyes dirtied by a scattering of coffee related gadgets across the countertop, the sole visible part of the machine is a tap which arcs elegantly up from the depths of your kitchen and delivers both coffee and milk.”

“Of course, the beautiful Eloi of the dispenser is powered by a hulking Morlock below the surface, in this case a combination of refrigerator, heaters, grinders and brewers. The TopBrewer heats fresh water for every cup (taking just 45 seconds from a cold start) and coffee is ground to order. Milk is heated and frothed for lattes, cappuccinos and even the odd machiatto.”

Source: http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2011/12/topbrewer-the-most-minimal-coffee-maker-yet/



I think we’re going to hear a lot more about this in the future.

“The beautifully simple stainless steel tap is designed to be built in any tabletop, fitting elegantly in its surroundings.”

“Perhaps most interesting is the connectivity the Top Brewer has with the iPhone and iPad via Scanomat’s app. The app gives you full control of the machine, allowing you to choose from the available drinks as well as pre-programming your personal favourite.I think we’re going to hear a lot more about this in the future.”

Source: http://minimalissimo.com/2011/12/scanomat-top-brewer/

Featured by Nana Meister


A well-known international barister on the topbrewer.

She experienced its functionality, design and tasted its brew at host in milano. being a highly skilled and distinguished barrister, her opinion on her blog was:

“The TopBrewer is a very innovative, stylish and high quality product.  Its design and features are really top. My impression on the brewing capabilities is positive, but of course I would love to test the TopBrewer on other coffees / espresso. I see its potential in the professional gastronomy as well as in the private consumer areas, but it may require more product diversification to serve both gastronomy and private use. Anyway a big applause to Scanomat for this great product. I love it!”

Source: http://www.nana-meister-barista.de/blog/top-brewer/

Host milano

Host milano.

The Scanomat Top Brewer fully automatic coffee machine completely redefines how we perceive a coffee brewer. The reactions on the system at the HOST in Milano quickly showed us, that the people agreed – they were blown away, and so were we by the interest. Caught on video are just a few of the reactions from both large coffee vendors throughout the world, industry specialists, roasters, Bariasta Champions, technicians and restaurant and cafe owners. They were amazed by the simplicity, the drink quality, the control with iPhone and iPad and finally that someone had finally reinvented the coffee brewer. Thank you for your responses and enjoy the video. We look forward seing this fantastic machine spreadout in the world at Cafes, Restaurants, Hotels, Offices and even – in your own home.

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