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TopBrewer shortlisted for three Payments Awards

Following the launch of the TopBrewer mobile payment app and TopBrewer Cafe earlier this summer we are thrilled to have been shortlisted for not one, but three, Payments Awards.

TopBrewer has been shortlisted in the following categories amongst a host of big names:

Best In-Store Payments Solution

Most Disruptive Payments Technology

Best Use of Social Media

Speaking of the awards, Simon Bracken, Co-Founder of Scanomat UK said: “It is an honour to be recognised amongst such a high-calibre list of businesses who are successfully disrupting the world of payment as we know it.”

Click here to view the full shortlist.

TopBrewer fitted into iPad controlled ‘House of the Future’




“Imagine if you could switch on the heating, close the blinds and even control what your children are watching on TV — all from the touch of a button on your iPad.

Today a London company demonstrated how it could be commonplace in the future by creating the capital’s ultimate techy home.

The Evening Standard was given a sneak preview of the two-storey showhouse in Fitzrovia, which cost £1.4 million to create and features about £500,000 worth of equipment. It has been created to show how technology can simplify people’s lives.

Everything — including music, coffee machines, CCTV, heating and cinema — is synced to a centralised system controlled from an app on a phone or iPad. To use it, owners select which room they want to control from a plan of the 4,000 sq ft house.

Touch screen: the creators say the iPad brand gives people confidence in the technology.  It can be operated remotely, from work or when the owners are out, so they can see what is going on, prepare the house for when they get home or control what their children are watching on television.

The operating system was designed and created by home automation company Cornflake, which built the house as its showroom.

It also features pop-up TV screens, an iPad-controlled coffee machine, a revolving dance floor, a cinema, mirror TVs and the world’s first ultra-HD TV.”

The Daily Mail also reported “A tap that is controlled by an iPad makes lattes at a touch of a button. It is the world’s first i-coffee machine, designed originally for super-yachts, and makes hot drinks within 45 seconds. The machine can also remember how you take certain drinks. It also makes fresh orange juice, chilled water and boiling water for cooking.”

Source: London Evening Standard & The Daily Mail

TopBrewer showcased at the Facilities Show 2013



We are very excited to announce that Scanomat UK have recently become members of the British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM), the professional body for Facilities Managers in the UK.  We’re sure that this new found relationship will help spread the word about the revolutionary TopBrewer, the world’s first iPhone controlled coffee machine, amongst the Facilities Management community, plus build on the already growing demand for the TopBrewer in offices across Britain. As part of our membership we were delighted to showcase the TopBrewer at the Facilities Show at the NEC last week (14th – 16th May), where it received a great reception from the industry.

Scanomat launches its coffee-controlled App for Coffee on Tap

October 3rd, 2012 – Scanomat, Danish manufacturer and
developer of fully automated coffee machines, is launching its iOS app on the app store
today (04:00 PM GMT+1) for use with its revolutionary new beverage system, the
TopBrewer. Order a drink, customise your own coffee, and save as your personal

”With the Scanomat app you can finally brew coffee directly from your iPhone. Our latest
product, the beautifully elegant TopBrewer, offers an innovative way of choosing your
favourite beverage. No keyboard is needed as you control the TopBrewer wirelessly from
your iPhone or iPad. Our video on YouTube has been seen by almost a million viewers
and we are very satisfied by the response we have received so far on the product. ” says
CEO of Scanomat Kim Vibe-Petersen.

The beautiful, patented stainless steel tap is designed to be built into any tabletop. The
simplicity of the Top Brewer fits in elegantly in the surroundings and takes minimum
space in the counter.

The TopBrewer brews a perfect cup of coffee – every time – thanks to Scanomats
advanced brewing technology. The TopBrewer will be available in a Pro and Office model.

”We are the first in the world to have pioneered a coffee machine that is completely app
based. You connect to the machine via Bluetooth – and everything then just runs
smoothly. You can order your drink within 10-meter radius of the machine, and on the
display of your phone follows the status of the brewing – from grinding to the final
extraction process of your coffee. Within 15-25 seconds you can be enjoying your freshly
made drink”, says Project Manager Frederik Vibe-Petersen.

”You can even customise your drink on your iPhone and save it as your personal favourite
by easily & intuitively adjusting the parameters available for your selected drink, such as
strength, amount of milk foam, texture of foam, size of drink etc. As such you can always
have your favourite drink, no matter where in the world you are.”

Scanomat is presently launching the TopBrewer in Europe and the Middle East, and in a
few months in the USA.

Danish coffee technology comes 171 thanks to Great place to work


Barista quality coffee without the barista?

“COFFEE lovers in Victoria got a glimpse of the future this week with the launch of a new touch screen coffee machine delivered as part of Great Place to Work. Housed in the new Ground Floor breakout space, the minimalist Danish made Scanomat TopBrewer is currently trending on Twitter and comes recommended by T3 magazine and Wired.com.

The selfcleaning machine uses only fresh water to refresh itself after every drink dispensed, and the only visible part protruding from its solid glass countertop is a stainless steel dispensing spout, home to the world’s smallest milk frother.

One of the first Partners to try the new coffee experience, Marketing Online’s Phil Metcalfe, was very impressed with technology: “I think it’s an astonishing machine,” he said, “it gives you a very nice cup of coffee and in a completely revolutionary way.” According to Scanomat UK Managing Director Simon Bracken, the hype around the new machine is quite justified.

“It’s not just a clean, elegant and fast way to get your coffee,” he said, “The machine is energy saving, uses fresh water for every cup and over 90 per cent of the device is recyclable.” “Over two million cups of coffee are produced worldwide every year using Scanomat machines, and we believe John Lewis Partner are about to join a list of satisfied customers.” The machine’s daily 45 second start time is an industry low, and it’s use of‘flash heat’ instead of preboiling means water in every cup is fresh from the tap. And if you want the new frothy coffee experience without travelling down to the Ground Floor to get it then your wait could almost be over – the new machines set to be rolled out on some floors across 171 in the coming months.”

Source: Victoria Chronicle

Barista quality coffee without the barista?1


Barista quality coffee without the barista?

“In terms of catering equipment, the standout for us was the TopBrewer from Scanomat: an iPhone or iPad controlled coffee maker. The only visible part of the machine is the stainless steel tap; the workings are hidden away under the counter. It is designed to be built into any tabletop or counter, but can be supplied as a mobile standalone unit if required, ideal for external use or for events and functions.

In essence it is a button to cup machine, albeit one with extremely innovative design and a barista quality coffee. The coffee settings, milk froth etc. can be adjusted in exactly the same way as a traditional espresso machine and for that reason the quality of the end product is very good. Although an element of theatre is lost the machine allows the server to be customer facing at all times without the physical barrier which a traditional machine creates when it is on the front counter. For that reason it is a great space saver.

The TopBrewer is currently being used in company offices where staff can programme their iPhone with their favourite coffee settings then use it to order their coffee, in car dealer showrooms and in hotels. It is understood that next month John Lewis will be installing them into their refurbished store in Milton Keynes. We can see a number of operators who might be interested in the machine and further details can be found on their website ”

Source: http://www.boyd-thorpe-associates.co.uk/BlogItem.php?BlogID=18

TopBrewer is in London – at the Caffe Culture show!


630,000 consumers have seen it online . . .  here’s your chance to see it for REAL!

The Scanomat TopBrewer is redefining how we perceive a professional coffee system.
Come and see how this REVOLUTIONARY professional bean to cup system can help you take your hot beverage offer to an entirely new level.

We believe this is the first genuine innovation in professional coffee systems in the last 20 years and we’d love to show you more.

The TopBrewer can be built into any counter, supplied in a stand-alone cabinet and we thought it would be pretty cool to operate and customize drinks using your iPhone and/or iPad!

Consumers seem to agree with us!


See the TopBrewer live on Stand F12 at Caffe Culture next week. (16th and 17th of May)

The National Gulfood Dubai

Want a Coffee? Reach for your iPhone

Users will be able to download an application next month and will have to press just one button on their phone to order the machine to make a coffee. Once the brew is ordered via an iPad or iPhone, users are told what stage the operation has reached, from grinding right through to when the milk is being heated and frothed. “There are people that will buy it for their home because it’s a nice feature and a gadget,” said Mr Bahar, who expects to sell between 30 and 40 of the machines this year. Scanomat has invented a pouring system for the machine and developed the software to be powered by an iPad or iPhone. The company said it was also developing the product for Android and BlackBerry operating systems.

Source: http://www.thenational.ae/thenationalconversation/industry-insights/retail/want-a-coffee-reach-for-your-iphone




“Tired of your old coffee maker’s lack of smartphone app and general visibility? Slurp this way …”

Are you still putting things on your worktops? You big idiot! What do you thik this is, 1956? It’s all about building in your kitchen tech these days, and the Scanomat TopBrewer is a prime example. Comfortably the maddest coffee maker we’ve ever seen – it trounces that fingerprint operated one we had last year – The TopBrewer system consists of one or multiple curved spouts arching up from your Corian. As well as dispensing coffee, the spout also houses the worlds’s smallest coffee frother. If that’s not ostentatious enough, you can also have it pour beverages made to your exact spec via an iPad or iPhone app.”

Source: T3 Magazine UK March 2012

Mashable Tech – A closer look


A Closer Look at the iPhone-Controlled Coffee Brewer

“This beautiful coffeemaker — everything but the elegant swan neck tap is hidden under a counter — was developed by a 230-person, family-owned company in Denmark called Scanomat. Mashable spoke with Sebastian Vibe-Petersen, Scanomat’s export manager, who says the company invented the first fully automatic cappuccino machine in the early 1980s — and that the TopBrewer is Scanomat’s biggest success in its 50 year history.

The design was borne out of the mind of CEO Kim Vibe-Petersen (Sebastian’s father), with the goal of making the complicated simple — without comprising quality. Sebastian says his father “has always been a driving force in development and has taken many crazy ideas into reality,” so creating the world’s most high-tech coffee brewer wasn’t a farfetched idea. Vibe-Petersen says the concept’s mechanics had been brewing in his head for a while, doing what he calls “3D rendering” — until he woke up one morning with the idea for a the smallest milk foamer yet, which would be a necessary component of the compact TopBrewer. In two days, he says, the basic idea was prototyped and tested in Scanomat’s R&D department, where tools for such product development were readily available. It worked, and getting the product into production took two years, much of that consumed by the foamer, which is now patented as the world’s smallest milk frother and is placed at the tip of the faucet. The TopBrewer’s tap is made of 80% recycled stainless steel and can be built into any tabletop — you just need two small holes for the faucet and the drain. So Scanomat’s mastered both the user experience and the user interface. The design’s simplicity is uniquely Scandinavian, but it has global appeal — the first hundreds of TopBrewers will roll off the assembly lines in January to meet the demand. ”

Source: http://mashable.com/2011/12/28/scanomat-coffee-brewer-design/

9 to 5 Mac


You know you want it: This iPhone controlled coffee maker looks like it came out of Jony Ive’s bunker

“This morning is about design. Apple’s chief designer Jony Ive’s bunker at 1 Infinite Loop in Cupertino, California holds “the future for the next three years” and we know his design work is influenced by Dieter Rams (he penned the foreword to Rams’ latest book called As Little Design As Possible: The Work of Dieter Rams). That being said, you’d be forgiven for thinking that this coffee machine is an appliance Ive (or Rams, for that matter) created as a fun project in between designing a next-gen A5-powered Mac notebook and a radically different iPhone 5.

All drinks are brewed to barista standards using precision grinders, tamper pressure, pump pressure and water temperature and it works with your iPhone via a dedicated app so you can wake up, run the app, select your pre-programmed drink and literally get out of the bed to the hot cup of coffee waiting for you. And I mean literally because the Top Brewer needs only fifteen seconds to make a cup of coffee. Rough mornings will never be the same!”

Source: http://9to5mac.com/2011/12/03/you-know-you-want-it-this-iphone-controlled-coffee-maker-looks-like-it-came-out-of-jony-ives-bunker/



TopBrewer coffee faucet controlled by an iPhone

“Danish company Scanomat has introduced the TopBrewer, an iPhone-controlled coffee faucet. The tap is part of an advanced brewing system that can be built into any tabletop.

The company has patented the world’s smallest milk foamer which heats milk on-demand and foams it to the correct texture. The brewer cleans itself after each cup, and can dispense drinking water, cold or hot milk, steam, or a wide variety of coffee drinks; all of which can be ordered up from an iOS app or a touch-screen panel built into the tabletop.”

Source: http://www.macrumors.com/2011/12/13/topbrewer-coffee-faucet-controlled-by-an-iphone/



How did you miss this crazy iPhone controlled coffee faucet?

“A friend just sent me this with the disclaimer “THIS IS NUTSO.” And indeed it is — A coffee faucet (!!!) created by Danish manufacturer Scanomat, that allows you to brew coffee via iPhone app.”

“It is controlled via iPhone and iPad and babysits your kids. Okay, I’m joking about that last one. Oh and it cleans itself, really, and somehow simultaneously saves energy. This thing is better than a boyfriend.”

Source: http://techcrunch.com/2011/12/14/how-did-you-miss-this-crazy-iphone-controlled-coffee-faucet/



Coffee from the tap

The brown liquid that flows from this faucet has nothing to do with polluted drinking water on the contrary, under the minimaliststainless steel pipe, a coffee machine called TopBrewer hides. The finestcoffeecovered work surface technology, for the hidden machine can not only grind beans and froth fresh milk, it is also self cleaning and can even be remotely controlled via the iPhone app.The price of themanufacturer Scanomat TopBrewer has not yet announced.

Source: http://www.stern.de/digital/homeentertainment/high-tech-lustobjekte-im-shirt-spielt-die-musik-kaffee-aus-dem-hahn-1501654-2cc9c0f8e79a5379.html



iOs-controlled TopBrewer coffee maker is a thing to behold

“Rejoice, o ye iPhone and iPad-toting coffee addicts with fat wallets! Just when you thought that there was nothing new under the sun to create the perfect cup of joe, Scanomat brings the Top Brewer to the market.

The Top Brewer is a high-end coffee machine that uses an iOS app to control brewing. Most of the hardware for the brewer is hidden under a countertop, meaning that all you see is a spigot, a drain, and a touch panel for those times when your coffee jitters have caused you to drop your iPhone.

This may be the start of something big. Perhaps your local coffee shop will install a team of Top Brewers and let you order your coffee drink just the way you like it from your iPhone or iPad while you stand in line to pay for the beverage. There’s no price tag for the Top Brewer yet, but it’s probably going to be targeted at high-end homes and to the hospitality industry.”

Source: http://www.tuaw.com/2011/12/13/ios-controlled-top-brewer-coffee-maker-is-a-thing-to-behold/



The world’s coolest coffee machine is controlled by the phone

Can in the addition of coffee fix juice, water, and World Peace. TopBrewer from Scanomat is the perfectcoffee machine, except possibly the price tag. The machine is hidden in the kitchen island (or other suitable place) and the only thing sticking out is a faucet that has three different tubes in itself – one for coffee, onefor milk and one for water. No more words like big, fat, ugly machine that we all have in your office.

15 seconds to make a cup of coffee, 25 for an espresso. It is supported by the two coffee grinders. Would you like milk? No problem, you can fit six liters of fresh milk in the machine and everything is cleanedautomatically.

Do you want to be able to control it via bluetooth or wifi and press out a cup of coffee with a cell phone? No problem. Do you have water, sparkling water or juice? No problems. Macchiato, cappuccino, latte, tea or chocolate are nice too.”

Source: http://feber.se/hem/art/230268/vrldens_grymmaste_kaffemaskin_/



When the iPhone is also used to make coffee

When we speak jokingly with friends about new technology and amazing gadgets of the moment, it is customary to conclude – that after outlining in detail the incredible performance and functionality of a iPhone – with the phrase just missing that it makes coffee.” We hear the news directly from the event HOST2011, this failure may be short-term.

Source: http://www.ispazio.net/?s=scanomat


Mashable – Brewing your morning coffee is about to get easier

“Scanomat’s TopBrewer is a cutting-edge coffee machine compatible with an iPhone or iPad that is unlike others on the market. The TopBrewer features an elegant tap made of stainless steel that is designed to be built into any tabletop – all you need is two small holes in the module for the tap and drain. This cuts down on counter space and creates a unique coffee-brewing experience.

In addition, the device comes with the smallest-ever milk foamer featured on a coffee machine. As cold water heats up on demand, chilled milk is pumped to the foamer and steamed to create a textured foam suitable for a cappucino or lattee.

The app — now available for download via the Apple iTunes Store — allows you to customize your order, from selecting the size of the coffee you want (small or large) to the type such as as espresso and cappuccino. The app also displays the machine’s temperature and provides status messages throughout the brewing process.

Although the app isn’t required, it gives mobile users an easier way to get their coffee started.

Without an iPhone or iPad? You can still make a cup of joe by using the touchscreen keyboard built into TopBrewer tabletop.”

Source: http://mashable.com/2011/12/06/scanomat-top-brewer/

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