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TopBrewer App Nominated for ‘Best Connected Device & Wearable Tech’ at UK App Design Awards


We are delighted to announce that the TopBrewer App has been nominated for a UK app design award in the ‘Best Connected Device & Wearable Tech’ category.


The TopBrewer has reimagined the next generation consumer coffee experience over the past few year’s with it’s customisable smartphone app, and is at the forefront of connected technology and wearable tech with the recent launch of the TopBrewer Apple Watch app.

The award winners are scheduled to be announced on 3rd June with the awards presentation taking place on 17th June.

Atlanta Magazine: TopBrewer Coffee System Delivers Maximum Luxury


“This minimalist coffee system delivers maximum luxury. All that appears above the counter is a swan neck faucet. Hidden underneath is a coffee grinder, refrigerator, frother, and, of course, a brewer. Use your tablet or smartphone to order a coffee, macchiato, cappuccino, latte, sparkling water, or even milk (warm or cold) at the size and strength you prefer…” Go to full article

The Future is Here: Scanomat’s TopBrewer Available for Apple Watch



“Innovation – The introduction of something new: a new method, idea or device” – Merriam Webster

“A few years back, while trolling the floor of the Architectural Digest Home Show in New York, I happened across an appliance, to be more particular, a coffee delivery system that challenged the notion of the traditional coffee appliance.  There simply was nothing on the market like it and, as a result, D’Scoop unofficially titled it our 2013 Appliance of the Year.  The stunning machine that caught my attention (and the attention of countless other designers, architects, and media persona) was TopBrewer, the brainchild of Danish coffee systems developer Scanomat.”

“It truly was and is, an innovation in a market promoting traditional coffee delivery systems.”

“Similarly, Scanomat’s goal in the development of TopBrewer had also been to promote better, more user-oriented, experiences with technology consumers encountered in their daily activities.  With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that Scanomat announced this past week that their QuickBrew app functionality would be made available for the Apple Watch, literally bringing the experience of ordering the perfect cup of coffee, be it an Americano or Espresso, within arm’s reach.  A few taps brings both the drink selection and option menus to a user’s fingertips.”


The Modern Workspace: Five reasons you should make the transition to agile working


Many offices in the UK are currently being transformed into open, flexible and agile workspaces.  This can seem like a daunting step for Facilities Managers, CEO’s and Company Directors but we look at why moving to an open plan office and encouraging agile working practices can be a positive step for both your business and your employees.


1. Operational Cost Savings

According to Advanced Workplace most desks in office buildings lie unused more than 50% of the time.  There are many reasons for this including sickness, holidays, lunch breaks and meetings.  By moving to flexible working practices, such as hot desking or hoteling, employees are encouraged to find a new workspace when they need one.  Some companies operate an efficient checking in system so that employees can book in and out of a desk or meeting space when they need it.  With this in mind, if you were looking to relocate offices you could potentially downsize your office space by up to 30% by operating agile working principles, thus delivering huge operational cost savings for your business.

2. Create Collision Zones

By breaking down the barriers of closed-door offices and department clusters, you can open up huge opportunities for colleagues to create dialogue and collaborate.  If two team members from different areas of the business are working on a project simultaneously they would be able to sit next to one another for the duration of the project, allowing them to work much more effectively as a team.  Informal social space is the key to collaborative working so even the office coffee machine has the potential to become a hive of collaboration!  Bring the refreshment station out of the staff kitchen and incorporate a buzzing social hub as part of the workspace design with comfy seats or bar stools where colleagues can meet, drink coffee and collaborate.

3. Attract Generation Y

As far as Gen Y are concerned it is all about flexible working and personalisation.  By creating a personalised working environment that is modern, connected and flexible you are more likely to encourage the next generation to want to work for your company over a competitor that is stuck in the dark ages.  With the rise of mobile and cloud technology you can leverage trends such as BYOD (bring your own device) which allows for a much more flexible working approach.  By implementing agile working principles you are allowing your employees the choice to personalise their workplace experience to suit their individual preferences based on what they are working on at any given time.

4. A Brighter Atmosphere

Offices don’t need to be dark and dingy places.  We spend so much of our time at the office that it should be a pleasant environment where your employees feel happy and inspired.  An open plan office is often brighter, more spacious and airy.  The physical and metaphorical barriers between departments can be broken down so that natural light can now be seen to flood into the centre of the building.  An improved environment leads to happier and more motivated staff who will be much more willing to spend time in the office.  Which leads us onto our final reason…

5. Happier Employees

We all know that the environment around us has a massive impact on our moods.  By creating a personalised pleasant working environment that gives your staff flexibility and freedom they will feel more motivated and happier at work, thus improving productivity levels and staff retention.

Designing a new office?  Visit our Workplace Design Zone

Consumer Reports Video: Highlights from Design & Construction Week in Las Vegas

TopBrewer was a popular highlight at the 2015 Design and Construction Week in Las Vegas last month (18 – 23 January 2015).

Consumer Reports’ Senior Home Editor, Daniel DeClerico created this video report on the Kitchen & Bathroom Industry Show to show which 5 hot pro products are the ones to watch in 2015.  Daniel picked TopBrewer as one of his coffee making highlights.

The latest TopBrewer App update: Available Now


The latest version of the TopBrewer app, version 3.1.5, is now available to download for free on the App Store.


According to Scanomat, the pioneers behind the revolutionary app-controlled TopBrewer coffee machine, this new update brings with it a wealth of new features and minor fixes designed to continually improve the user experience within the app.

Frederik Vibe-Petersen, Business Development Manager at Scanomat explained, “One of the main features included in this update is the optimisation for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus screen sizes, meaning that users with the latest Apple devices will now have an optimal TopBrewer experience.”

He added, “There are also a number of new gesture and user interface optimisations designed to make the user experience even more seamless.”

In addition, Scanomat have implemented significant developments to improve the support and stability around the smartphone app to allow for an improved personalised experience, even in the busiest TopBrewer sites.  They have also created a better connect flow in Bluetooth Low Energy to enhance the iBeacon connectivity. Read more about iBeacon…

Frederik added, “The TopBrewer eco-system is continually evolving and we are constantly working behind the scenes to enhance the customer experience.  There are a number of exciting developments in the pipeline which we will be launching in the near future. We are working on some game-changing things within the coffee machine industry, which will reimagine how coffee, customer experience and service are conducted, in one unified way. We cannot wait to tell you about the new features, but they will be revealed later this year. All forthcoming app updates are free for our customers, meaning that they always have the most up to date software and user experience on the market.”

Welcome to the Home of the Future – CNN Video


TopBrewer featured on CNN in relation to the forthcoming ‘smart home’ industry which is taking shape rapidly.

Scanomat has a goal of delivering the world’s best coffee experience, sampled with the most intuitive and seamless user experience, through great technology.

The TopBrewer is installed in Cornflake’s Smart App-Artment which has made headlines across the world as the connected ‘home of the future’.

Watch the CNN Video

Case Study: The UK’s first TopBrewer Home is installed in Cornflake’s Smart App-Artment in the heart of the West End of London

TopBrewer on The Gadget Show… once again!

We don’t mean to hog your screens but we were over the moon that the TopBrewer was featured yet again on The Gadget Show; this time as part of a ‘connected home’ feature.  If you missed it, then never fear, as you can still watch it On Demand

In this episode (Season 20 – Episode 14), Ortis and Jason look at the growing trend of Home Automation and put a range of connected products to the test; including a smart control system which allows you to consolidate up to eight remote controls into one app, a wireless music sound bar that you can communicate with via text message, light bulbs that flash red when the smoke alarm sounds, and a smart heating system which learns which rooms you use and warms them up for you in advance.

These ‘smart’ products can be categorised under the ‘Internet of Things’ which is a term used to describe a category of ‘things’ that have embedded technology and are able to enhance our daily lives through information sharing and data.

When TopBrewer was last featured on The Gadget Show (Season 19 – Episode 2) it was highly acclaimed for the quality of the coffee by none other than Italy’s top barista, Giacomo Vanelli, who said it was “The best coffee he’d ever tasted from an automated machine.”

But how did the TopBrewer Home compare in Season 20?  Watch it here about 5 and a half minutes into the show!

Find out more about the TopBrewer technology

Our Top Pick: Heat Genius

Featured alongside us on The Gadget Show was a product that’s also packed full of technical wizardry, but is practically invisible!  Consisting of a few discreet components linked by a wireless network, the Heat Genius smart heating control system links your radiators to the internet, allowing you to control the temperature of each room from an app, wherever you are.

What’s unique is that it even lets you go one step further: full automation.  Stick a wireless ‘smart sensor’ in each room and it’ll watch and learn when you normally use each room of your home, and schedule that room to warm up in time for your arrival.  It’s even smart enough to work out how long it needs to pre-heat the room by checking the weather conditions.  It can also reduce the temperature when it’s sunny and automatically turn the radiator off when you open the window.

All this intelligence means you can stay cosy without wastefully burning gas on heating empty rooms, cutting bills and carbon pollution.  And even better, it’s so smart you’ll probably forget it’s even there!

Find out more about Heat Genius

How the ‘cool’ coffee dispenser has become the centre for social cohesion


That was the title of our Co-Founder, Simon Bracken’s, talk at last week’s Workplace Week convention. Workplace Week is organised by AWA and brings together a mix of advanced workplace tours and fringe events culminating with the annual advanced workplace convention where thought leaders share their knowledge on what the future of work will look like.  Once again AWA delivered a thought-provoking week looking at the design, technology and work practices that come together to create the workplace of the future.

But what can a coffee machine manufacturer offer to the intellectual discussion of the advanced workplace?  

As a team we often joke that we have become “accidentally relevant” in the world of the advanced workplace, but in fact it is no accident at all that TopBrewer is becoming the coffee machine of choice for the modern workspace.  The truth is that with it’s minimalist design and app-control technology, TopBrewer is more relevant than any of us could have imagined, and delivers much more than simply being a cool coffee dispenser.

Two discussions points that stood out for us during Workplace Week were the importance of the social space to provide an area for collaboration, and the transition towards a connected workplace through the growth of the Internet of Things.  The synergies between both of these topics and the TopBrewer are unprecedented really in the grand scheme of things, and despite being just a small part of the workspace design, coffee really can be a catalyst for collaboration whilst complimenting the design and bringing to life the sentient city experience in a fun and interactive way.

TopBrewer on Tour

It is also no accident that two of the eight Workplace Week tours were TopBrewer clients.  Mintel and the CBI have been on their own journeys towards the future workplace and have learnt first hand how, in it’s own small way, TopBrewer represents a collision point for collaboration in the workplace, whilst of course serving it’s main purpose of delivering a personalised barista-style coffee experience to staff and visitors.

 Click here to view all our latest case studies

TopBrewer first coffee machine to launch iBeacon



Scanomat have become the first coffee machine manufacturer to introduce iBeacon technology into their products. The location based technology for iOS will allow Scanomat to send messages direct to end users via the TopBrewer app.


TopBrewer originally turned heads when it became the first professional coffee machine to be controlled via smartphone or tablet.  This latest development from the Danish manufacturer has been launched in conjunction with a new TopBrewer app version 3.0

The latest version of the TopBrewer app for iOS will push communications directly to users smartphones as they approach a nearby TopBrewer that has the iBeacon hardware installed.  A message will appear on the smartphone home screen allowing users to open the app directly and personalise their drink with just a couple of clicks.


Another unique feature of the app is that it now includes a queuing system whereby users are placed in a line and told their current position via the app, ideal for busy environments with multiple users.

The new iBeacon technology for TopBrewer has been exclusively launched in a new TopBrewer Cafe which opened in Copenhagen last week.  The technology is expected to roll out to other TopBrewer client sites over coming months but is available now for new customers looking to purchase a TopBrewer.

A number of retailers are said to be testing iBeacon technology which uses Bluetooth to actively target consumers at a close proximity.



Want more info on TopBrewer? Contact us.

World’s First App Controlled Cafe Opens in Copenhagen


Scanomat, the Danish pioneers behind the world’s first smartphone/tablet controlled coffee machine – TopBrewer, have taken their unique concept one step further by opening the world’s first app controlled cafe.

For the first time coffee lovers can avoid the coffee shop queues by simply ordering and paying for their coffee through their mobile phone at TopBrewer Cafe.

Once downloaded, the TopBrewer app allows users to connect to an available TopBrewer, customise their drink just how they like it and save it as a favourite for future visits. They can also pay for their coffee directly through the TopBrewer app.

Kim Vibe-Petersen, Scanomat’s CEO, said of the new venture: “The future prospects are revolutionary, and will redefine the whole Cafe experience”

Five products available – transform your home or workplace

The internet of things: Five products available now that could transform your home or workplace

The internet of things, or IoT, as it is affectionately known as in the tech community, is a hot topic at the moment.  Smart devices and apps have the potential to enhance your life, make your home or workplace more efficient and keep you safe.  Below we look at a selection of IoT product areas that are already available on the market and could potentially change your world for good.

There is nothing worse than coming home to a freezing cold house in the winter.  Imagine if you could turn on your heating and set the temperature before you even walked through the front door. This is now possible with Hive, a new device and app available for British Gas customers.  With the potential for saving you money and energy, this device is a cost effective and handy tool.


Smoke detector
Safety is an important factor for us all, particularly when it comes to our homes. Nest, the now Google-owned start up, have developed the world’s first smart smoke and carbon monoxide detector, Nest Protect.  This device speaks to you in a human voice to alert you of any danger and can send messages to your app if carbon monoxide levels rise too high.

Coffee machine
Have you ever woken in the morning dreaming of a strong cup of coffee? What if you could order your coffee with your smartphone before leaving your bed to be ready by the time you entered the kitchen? The TopBrewer by Scanomat is the world’s first app controlled coffee machine.  The app allows you to be the barista, letting you customise your drink to your liking and even save it as a favourite for future enjoyment.  Soon many other appliances will be controlled in the same way, from your oven to your fridge.

We all love a bit of mood lighting and the lighting in your home or office can completely change the ambience of a room. Phillips have developed Hue, a range of colour changing light bulbs that can be controlled from your smartphone app to suit your mood.

Baby monitor
This is another smart device that is centred around safety. This device allows you to keep a close eye on your sleeping baby from your phone or tablet.

The world around us is changing to be a smarter, app controlled space. Manufacturers who are already developing products that fit into the internet of things now are set to carve the future of the modern connected home and workplace.

See the TopBrewer at the GADGET SHOW LIVE 2014


9th – 13th April

Birmingham NEC

See the TopBrewer in the HUB Theatre

The TopBrewer will be one of many exciting products and gadgets on show in the HUB Theatre every day during Gadget Show Live.  Aled Hayden Jones (Radio 1) and Lucy Hedges (Stuff TV) will be your guides, giving fun reviews and demonstrations throughout the day in this free to attend theatre.

Catch the TopBrewer as part of the “Connected Home” feature every day from 4:15 – 4:45pm.

Your company logo on the TopBrewer swan neck

Scanomat are renowned for their attention to detail and innovative ideas, so it is no surprise that they are offering a new personal touch to their clients.  Not only can you personalise your coffee with the revolutionary TopBrewer app, new customers can now personalise their coffee machine by having their own company logo embossed on the front of the signature swan neck.

As Seen on TV: TopBrewer on The Gadget Show!


We are big fans of The Gadget Show at Scanomat HQ so we were thrilled when they asked us to be a part of the Show! As part of a Barista Challenge, headed up by Italy’s Number 1 Barista Champion: Giacomo Vannelli, the TopBrewer was pitched head to head against a range of other coffee machines and Giacomo’s own Barista talents.

And the Academy Award for best coffee machine goes to…

This year’s 86th Oscar’s Ceremony gave us the glitz and glamour of the red carpet, amazing couture dresses, emotional speeches and sensational selfies – but behind the scenes is where the real action happened!


We were lucky enough to be part of the exquisite Architectural Digest Greenroom, designed this year by AD100 Architect David Rockwell.


The sumptuous space, designed as a retreat for Oscar-winning superstars, boasted a digital art installation of 86 screens (one for each year in the Academy Awards history), an outside garden area and… none other than a TopBrewer!


Watch the video to hear how David Rockwell created this amazing loft-style space!

TopBrewer Shortlisted for Essential Cafe Award

Scanomat are thrilled to announce that the TopBrewer has been shortlisted for ‘Product Launch of the Year’ at this year’s Essential Cafe Trade Awards.

This is the second year for the Magazine’s Trade Awards which culminates in an Awards Evening and Gala Dinner on Tuesday 4th March at Sandown Park.  Aimed at highlighting the very best the coffee shop and cafe sector has to offer in terms of innovation and design, the awards ‘aim to support and expand this vibrant and exciting sector’.

Speaking of being shortlisted, Simon Bracken, Managing Director of Scanomat UK said: “It is a great honour that the TopBrewer has been recognised by Essential Cafe .  The coffee shop sector is thriving in the UK and we are thrilled to have launched a product which has created an entirely new category of coffee machine and allows the barista to serve coffee in a completely new and exciting way!”

TopBrewer shortlisted for three Payments Awards

Following the launch of the TopBrewer mobile payment app and TopBrewer Cafe earlier this summer we are thrilled to have been shortlisted for not one, but three, Payments Awards.

TopBrewer has been shortlisted in the following categories amongst a host of big names:

Best In-Store Payments Solution

Most Disruptive Payments Technology

Best Use of Social Media

Speaking of the awards, Simon Bracken, Co-Founder of Scanomat UK said: “It is an honour to be recognised amongst such a high-calibre list of businesses who are successfully disrupting the world of payment as we know it.”

Click here to view the full shortlist.

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