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Scanomat can with pride say the TopBrewer is designed, developed and produced in Denmark. Everything from R&D to coffee production is done under one roof, as we focus on the total experience.

Scanomat was founded in Denmark more than 50 years ago in the early sixties. The company started to operate out of a small garage and soon after, moved to an industrial area in Glostrup, Denmark where the company had its head quarters for many years.

In 1985 Scanomat launched the world's first fully automatic Cappuccino machine! Since then Scanomat has been continually developing and designing new, reliable, and economical products to improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of service, and the quality drinks dispensed.

In late 1991 early 1992 Scanomat moved to new premises in Kokkedal, Denmark specially built to comply with Scanomat's evolving needs: production, stock, service department, research and development team, showrooms, and administration team.

Scanomat manufactures, develops, and markets some of the world's best professional coffee brewers. Scanomat has a unique "know-how" along with tremendous knowledge and a wealth of experience.

Our Core Values

We commit to being innovative leaders through our products, culture, style and approach. We operate a modern, paperless and agile business which is nimble & equipped to adapt and exploit advances in technology. As individuals we embrace change and adopt innovative ways of working. We strive to be the experts in our field and always seek to learn something new each day.

We are all responsible for delivering exceptional levels of service to our customers and ultimately creating an unforgettable experience of our products and our company. We understand that we each play an integral role in achieving our business goals and take personal accountability for our actions.

We each personally contribute to the sustainable profitability of our business. We think responsibly about the consequences of our actions and we are empowered to use our initiative to improve efficiencies in our methods. We recognise our client’s commercial needs and we never underestimate the value of the coffee experience on their ongoing success.

Quality is at the heart of everything we do and begins with selecting the highest A-grade coffee beans from around the world. We are overtly passionate and strive to exceed the expectations of our colleagues, customers and stakeholders. We are extremely customer focussed and aim to provide exceptional levels of consistent, professional service in a timely manner.

We act with INTEGRITY
We are loyal, respectful and committed to each other, our customers and our environment. We strive to keep our promises and act in an honest, responsible and transparent way at all times. We are strong as individuals but even stronger as a TEAM. We value teamwork and support one another by offering encouragement and guidance. We put pace and energy into everything we do but make sure we pay attention to detail and have fun along the way. We are enthusiastic and take great pride in ourselves, our business, our coffee, our customers and our technology. We recognise the importance of effective, professional and accurate communication, both internally and externally, to ensure accuracy of information.

What we do

Today, the name Scanomat is synonymous with excellent tasting coffees, cappuccinos, and other hot and cold beverages. The Scanomat package is based on modern technology, a superior range of products, efficient and effective service and financial flexibility.

Worldwide, Scanomat serves almost 2 million cups of coffee per day and over half a billion per year. Coffee is the world's second biggest commodity and the single most profitable product in the world. We can help you take advantage of some of this profit… Research and development - "Innovating not Imitating"

The culture at Scanomat has always been to "Innovate not Imitate". Having launched the first ever fully automated Cappuccino system, Scanomat's owner, Kim vibe Petersen has ensured significant amounts of investment in research and development that has kept the company at the cutting edge of design and functionality within the industry.

With advanced research and development technology, including the use of state of the art 3D CAD/CAM, Scanomat continue to "Innovate not Imitate".

In today's world of sustainability and demands by customers to improve energy efficiency, Scanomat is already leading the way in developing new systems for the modern world.

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We are located in Kokkedal, Denmark. Single connection from the airport directly to the station which is about 10 min drive from our HQ. Give us a call to plan your TopBrewer experience.


Scanomat HQ
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