Location & Harvest

  • Altitude
    Aproxx. 700 m
  • Process
    Washed and naturally - Semi-washed
  • Havest method
    Handpicked / mashine
  • Havest period
    October - February
  • Sort
    Primarily Arabica

Amokka and Plantec Coffee

Plantec Coffee produces a quality specialty coffee, whose taste and profile is distinctively created by the Himalayan mountainous climate. We have established a strong partnership with Plantec Coffee to ensure that we always deliver the best quality coffee to our customers. The coffee is very rare and unique with some special qualities, and is relatively new in the world of specialty coffee. This coffee is sourced as a single origin and is part of our Black Juice blend.

About Plantec Coffee

Plantec Coffee is an organic certified producer - owned by Udjal Rana - that grows a very rare type of coffee at the foothills of the Himalayas. It is a small plantation that sits on a river bank in the region of Nuwakot at an altitude of around 700m and 75km north of the capital, Kathmandu. This altitude is very low for specialty coffee due to the particular Himalayan climate, but Plantec Coffee’s attention to detail ensures that they produce quality beans.

The plantation is situated on the banks of Trisuli River, whose snow-melted water from Mount Everest is used for irrigating the coffee fields and washing the beans. The coffee farm has many tall trees enabling Plantec Coffee to grow shade-grown coffee, as indirect sunshine allows slow ripening to contribute to fine flavors.

Social Focus

Plantec Coffee strives to be a sustainable enterprise in the local community. Through this coffee project, Plantec Coffee has had considerable impact on the livelihood of the local community especially in regard to creating employment opportunities for the women, paying the workers a fair wage and training on organic coffee farming. Moreover, following the impact of the earthquake in April 2015, Plantec Coffee built shelters for the local workers and their children.

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