AMOKKA and Fazenda Progresso

We have a strong relationship with Fazenda Progresso and in recent years our master roaster has visited Fazenda Progresso and has been able to choose which lots he preferred before other buyers, enabling us to choose the highest quality beans. We use this coffee a lot and offer it as a single origin coffee and also as a major part of the blends AMOKKA Crema, Gorgona, City Roast and a smaller part of our Rainforest blend.

About Fazenda Progresso

Fazenda Progresso Farm is a family run business which was founded in 1984. The farm has a total of 22,000 hectares, with 687 hectares designated to coffee growing.
The plantation is situated in the province of Bahia close to the Equator, and here the Borré family have cultivated the land for three generations.
  • Altitude
    1150 m
  • Process
  • Havestmethod
  • Havestperiod
    June - September
  • Sort

Social Focus

Fazenda Progresso has around 300 seasonal workers who pick berries during the harvest period (April - August).

The Borré family are focussed on providing good working conditions for their workers and provide accommodation facilities, a school for the children, medical assistance, daily meals in sheltered facilities, membership of a union and guaranteed pay even on days when the harvest is stopped for any reason.


Fazenda Progresso have 687 hectares dedicated to coffee growing. The best Arabica coffee is usually grown at a high altitude and the coffee trees at Fazenda Progresso are grown at an altitude of 1.150m to ensure the highest quality.
At Fazenda Progresso they make most of their fertilisers themselves by mixing coffee berry leftovers with the leftovers from their potato production and other certain micro organisms. The farm also always leaves 20% of the land untouched to ensure a sustainable environment for the future.

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