Like a caffeinated iceberg, the majority of the TopBrewer is beneath the surface.

“The TopBrewer is the ultimate coffee machine for the minimal denialist. Instead of having your eyes dirtied by a scattering of coffee related gadgets across the countertop, the sole visible part of the machine is a tap which arcs elegantly up from the depths of your kitchen and delivers both coffee and milk.”

“Of course, the beautiful Eloi of the dispenser is powered by a hulking Morlock below the surface, in this case a combination of refrigerator, heaters, grinders and brewers. The TopBrewer heats fresh water for every cup (taking just 45 seconds from a cold start) and coffee is ground to order. Milk is heated and frothed for lattes, cappuccinos and even the odd machiatto.”

Source: http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2011/12/topbrewer-the-most-minimal-coffee-maker-yet/

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