Spacestor London Design Centre

“We are seeing the TopBrewer product in an increasing number of forward thinking companies and we can see why! It is eye-catching, high-tech and provides a totally memorable visitor experience.” Nick Stedman, Marketing Manager, Spacestor

TopBrewer delivers a premium hospitality experience at Spacestor London Design Centre

Spacestor has launched an inspirational London Design Centre to educate its clients on the latest workplace design trends and to showcase their range of cutting-edge furniture and storage products.

The spacious showroom perfectly illustrates Spacestor’s design capabilities, and positions them as an authority on the needs of today’s modern workplace environment. The dynamic space brings to life how Spacestor’s unique product offering can facilitate flexible working practices, empower collaboration, enhance workplace design and offer solutions for adhoc private meetings.

According to Nick Stedman, Marketing Manager at Spacestor, the Design Centre is inspired by the company’s long-standing connections with Silicon Valley.

“We wanted the London Design Centre to be reflective of the trends captured by our sister Design Centre in California, whilst demonstrating our unique range of furniture for the future workplace.”

The centre features many of Spacestor’s best-selling products, including the popular Railway Carriage, a stylish standalone meeting pod which provides important flexible meeting space within the agile working environment, with integrated power and connectivity.

Spacestor’s unique range of modular storage solutions are also on display, and with many businesses moving to open plan offices with fewer fixed desk positions, the HotLocker Agile offers a practical, eye-catching and technologically advanced solution for the modern workspace, allowing multiple staff to share one locker for maximum space efficiency.


Premium Hospitality Experience

From an experience perspective, Spacestor wanted to provide a premium level of hospitality for guests and chose to install a state-of-the-art TopBrewer to deliver a range of gourmet hot drinks to visitors. The bespoke refreshment point is stylish and modern, with built-in storage to maximise the space.

Nick says:

“We are witnessing a trend whereby coffee is becoming a central part of the workplace experience as an enabler for collaborative working. We are seeing the TopBrewer product in an increasing number of forward thinking companies and we can see why! It is eye-catching, high-tech and provides a totally memorable visitor experience.”

The TopBrewer provides a wide range of barista-style bean-to-cup beverages from a single swan neck tap and is operated by iPad or iPhone. The hardware of the machine is hidden discreetly in the cupboard below to keep the counter clutter-free and to provide total design flexibility.

Simon Bracken, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Scanomat UK, comments:

“The visitor experience is an increasingly important consideration for businesses wanting to leave a lasting impression on their guests. Hospitality, in particular, is a key part of the overall guest experience and it is crucial that businesses are incorporating this as part of the workplace design.”



Positive Feedback

Spacestor’s London Design Centre is located on Farringdon Road and was launched during Clerkenwell Design Week – the ideal platform for showcasing innovative design trends to the architect and interior design community.

Nick summarises:

“The Design Centre has been very well received, with many visitors commenting that it was the best showroom they had visited in terms of the design and hospitality experience. The TopBrewer has left a memorable experience with many of our guests and we are hoping that it will keep them coming back for coffee when they are in the area. We operate an open door policy and our client’s are welcome to work from our showroom at any time.”

Simon comments:

“Spacestor has created a great atmosphere and customer experience in the new London Design Centre which has raised the bar. The showroom clearly identifies that Spacestor are leading the way in their field and are thoroughly in touch with the needs of the disruptive future workplace. We look forward to working with them on many projects in the future.”


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