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“We saw that TopBrewer is completely different to other coffee options and fitted perfectly into our new modern office aesthetic.” Ella Taswell, Front of House Administrator, Pool Re

Insurance services provider Pool Re installs TopBrewer experience in new London Bridge office

Pool Re is an established brand in the insurance services sector and, working with architects and designers OD Solutions, has created a modern, sophisticated office. They were looking for a coffee solution that would complement the new work space – a space that staff feel proud of and an environment that encourages collaboration and productivity in their new London Bridge office.

Pool Re selected TopBrewer after seeing its potential at other customer sites.

Ella Taswell, Front of House Administrator at Pool Re, explains:

“We saw that TopBrewer is completely different to any other coffee option and fitted perfectly into our new modern office aesthetic.”

TopBrewers are used in three areas of the new Pool Re office and fit seamlessly into the counter space:

  • The staff kitchen area, which is on constant use by their 31 staff.
  • The reception area, where guest and visitors are welcomed throughout the day.
  • The hub area lounge, which provides an open working environment for staff and clients.

With a growing number of visitors and guests, it is important for Pool Re to create a lasting first impression and TopBrewer provides a focal point with its stylish design, quiet operation and premium quality drinks.

Ella comments:

 “The TopBrewer is certainly a conversation starter with guests who are intrigued by the iPad drink customisation and delighted by the drink quality.”

The TopBrewers have replaced filter coffee machines and now provide Pool Re with a wide range of premium coffees, including flat white and mocha as well as hot chocolate.

Ella sums up the TopBrewer experience at Pool Re:

“The TopBrewer looks fantastic and we love the great taste of the freshly ground beans and drinks brewed on demand to our own preference. Where staff were previously leaving the office to purchase specialty coffee, they now have a great coffee facility provided in-house.”

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