“The TopBrewer design plays perfectly into the modern, social environment at Moneypenny and we all love the fact that you can download the app onto your phone and customise your drinks.”  Ed Reeves, Co-Founder, Moneypenny

TopBrewer is the perfect coffee solution for Moneypenny’s dream office

Market-leading telephone answering company, Moneypenny has built a dream headquarters based on the wishes of its 500 strong workforce.

The end result is an astonishing 91,000 sq ft building set within 7 acres of landscaped grounds and idyllic views across the North Wales countryside. The incredible project was masterminded by brother and sister duo Ed Reeves and Rachel Clacher, who co-founded the business in 2000.

“What we believe is simple: if our staff are happy, our clients are happy. These have been the two most important factors to us since day one and shape everything we do,” explains Ed.

Before embarking on the build, Moneypenny surveyed its employees to understand what they considered were important contributors to the perfect office, as Ed explains:

“There are countless studies which have proven that staff are more productive when they enjoy coming to work. So when we made the decision to build a new headquarters, we asked ourselves how can we make sure staff will be happy there? The answer was simple – ask them.”

Amazingly, the unconventional building was no more expensive to build than a standard office, yet includes bespoke features such as a village pub, a treehouse meeting room and a sun terrace overlooking the picturesque landscape. From a practical perspective, the building is one of the most acoustically innovative buildings in the UK and boasts natural light from floor to ceiling windows and natural ventilation.

Phil Hepworth, Associate at AEW Architects said: “This really has been a dream commission for AEW Architects and a real honour to work with such an exciting, forward thinking company such as Moneypenny. It was a fantastic opportunity to create a bespoke office of this magnitude on such a beautiful site.”

A Social Coffee Experience

The social scene is a big part of company life at Moneypenny, so when Tina Williams, Co-Founder at Scanomat UK first introduced the innovative TopBrewer coffee concept to Ed it was an easy choice.

Following a demonstration, Moneypenny opted for a TopBrewer Pro in the main reception area to welcome staff and clients upon arrival and to enhance the social experience in the atrium.

Speaking about the reaction from visitors, Ed said: “The TopBrewer is always one of the first things we show to visitors and they absolutely love it.”

He added: “The TopBrewer design plays perfectly into the modern, social environment at Moneypenny and we all love the fact that you can download the app onto your phone and customise your drinks.”

Tina believes premium coffee plays a vital part in the future workspace as a social enabler:

“Coffee is a surprisingly emotive subject in the office environment so it is a really important element to get right in order to keep staff happy on a day-to-day basis. From a social perspective, the TopBrewer is an effective tool to draw people into breakout spaces and social areas to encourage interaction and collaboration.”

Tina adds: “It was clear from the outset that Moneypenny are a like-minded, forward-thinking business, so we knew that TopBrewer would fit right in to the company’s ethos and values. The result is fantastic and we are thrilled to have worked on such an incredible project which is destined to become a blueprint for the office of the future.”

Visit Moneypenny’s website to see a selection of videos, including a tour of the office by co-founder Ed Reeves.