Computer Software Giant

"The additional chilled water module offered a cost saving to our client compared with purchasing bottled water." Simon Bracken, Co-Founder, Scanomat UK

Another computer software giant installs TopBrewer into London office

The TopBrewer by Scanomat has provided the technology firm with a unique stylish and space-saving refreshment solution of hot beverages and chilled water from the same tap.  By adding the chilled water module to the TopBrewer, the firm were able to save money on bottled water which was previously free issue to all staff, and thus help the client address the labour and environmental costs associated with bottled water.

Simon Bracken, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Scanomat UK comments:

“The TopBrewer can provide a number of operational and cost savings to our clients.  In this case the additional chilled water module offered a cost saving to our client compared with purchasing bottled water.  The energy efficient flash-heater technology also provides super fresh water and significant cost efficiencies over the lifetime of the product as there are no compulsory annual boiler inspections for our clients to consider.”

As well as saving on bottled water, the company wanted to offer a premium coffee experience in the workplace. The TopBrewer grinds and brews fresh coffee beans under precise parameters to create the perfect espresso, whilst the state of the art flash-heating technology heats fresh, filtered water from cold for each drink to ensure the freshest water quality. All of this happens discreetly and silently under the counter to avoid disrupting the flow of work in the busy office.

Culture, working environment and superior facilities play a major part in attracting and retaining new talent, so it would seem Scanomat are uniquely positioned to deliver an exclusive service to their rapidly expanding client list. To add a personal touch, Scanomat embossed the software firm’s company logo onto the swan neck of the TopBrewer.

Simon comments:

“We are finding ourselves increasingly relevant in our own small way in the context of the advanced workplace, hospitality and retail, and of course the connected future. We are not only challenging the conventional in terms of coffee machines, we are re-defining the user experience.

“Putting the user in direct and connected control of their own beverage experience is no small endeavour and the response from consumers and clients has been quite extraordinary. We are very proud to be bringing something genuinely new and innovating, whilst staying true to the principles of premium speciality beverages.

“It’s very rewarding for the team to see users take to social media and share their photos, views and excitement.  Our clients take a great deal of comfort in dealing directly with us. We designed and developed the TopBrewer on the back of 50+ years of experience in this field of premium high performance beverage solutions and by designing our UK business to uniquely supply, install and provide after sales support and technical cover, we have full accountability and ownership ongoing.”

Simon adds:

“We are not stopping there and look forward to sharing further exciting news that will enhance the TopBrewer user experience and add meaningful value to our clients in terms of operational and whole life cost savings.”