Blue Frontier by Westcountry Group

"The bar area is a really important space that everyone moves through, in which the TopBrewer machine provides the perfect connection between cutting edge technology, people and communication.”  Zoë Mitchell, Westcountry Group

TopBrewer is the perfect ‘pit-stop’ at Blue Frontier office, designed by Westcountry Group

Westcountry Group have recently completed an inspirational office design and refurbishment for digital development agency, Blue Frontier, to reflect their brand and to meet the needs of their continually expanding team.

The two-storey office boasts a variety of flexible workspaces including two state-of-the-art boardrooms, a games room, television lounge, a large kitchen, a contemporary dining area and a bar with a built-in TopBrewer coffee tap controlled by iPad.

Blue Frontier wanted a dynamic and fun office environment to impress clients and to attract and retain top talent, as James Fry, Managing Director at Blue Frontier explains:

“With this project, what we were looking to do was to make a very special space out of what is essentially a box on a trading estate. It was key to us to provide a great environment for our staff and an inspiring environment for our clients to come in to.”

Blue Frontier instructed office design and fit-out specialists, Westcountry Group after seeing an example of their work. Zoë Mitchell led the project on behalf of Westcountry Group, she said:

“As with all of our projects, we analysed and researched the origins and ethos of the company, brand and culture to drive the design. A ‘frontier’ is ‘the outer limit in a field of endeavour, especially one in which the opportunities for research and development are yet to be exploited’ – which is exactly what Blue Frontier are doing, creating and developing products as a leader in their market. Translating that into the natural world, the biggest frontiers yet to be explored are mountains, deep sea, sky, space, which gave us the overarching themes for the design.”

Within the reception area is a wall graphic of a beautiful mountain range, one side morphing into a digital version on a iphone, the other continuing around into the Bar where a TATA truck winding down the mountain road brings you into the pit stop. To keep the theme congruent, Westcountry Group sourced a reclaimed TATA truck front for the bar unit, into which the TopBrewer is installed.

“Blue Frontier are a leading digital agency, from websites and mobile apps through to digital marketing and software. Therefore including innovative, cutting-edge technology within the design was essential to underpin and support what Blue Frontier are all about,” said Zoë. “This is where the TopBrewer machine fitted the brief sowell in providing that experience for both employees and clients.”

Zoë adds: “What was a bland teapoint under the stairs has been transformed into a warm, welcoming, fun ‘pit stop’ for clients and employees, after ‘coming off the mountains’, inside from reception, to fuel up and refresh before moving on into the offices/meeting areas. The bar area is a really important space that everyone moves through, in which the TopBrewer machine provides the perfect connection between cutting edge technology, people and communication.”

James comments: “The bar area is really important, this is the room that client’s come into and they express ‘wow’ straight away. Its a really unusual space to find in an office building.”

Westcountry Group were particularly impressed with Scanomat from an installation and support point of view and how they were able to overcome the unconventional counter design:

“Scanomat worked very well with our team on site for the rather technical through-wall installation. Installation and training was completed on time without any issues, ready for our handover to our client and the champagne launch evening,” said Zoë.

Christopher Preece, Commercial Director at Scanomat, project managed the TopBrewer installation:

“The TopBrewer’s modular, under-counter design makes it extremely flexible and versatile for the modern workspace. In this case we were able to install the brew unit in a cupboard behind the wall, rather than in the counter itself, this allows for easy access to replenish and service the machine without disrupting the user experience.”

The staff at Blue Frontier are delighted with the truly inspirational and refreshing refurbishment:

“With the help of Westcountry Group’s designers, we started planning the transformation of what was, to what is. The renovation took a total of four months from start to finish and we are extremely pleased with the outcome.”

“The TopBrewer has been very well received by our client,” adds Zoë. “Everybody loves the ease of use, the experience it provides, and the quality of the coffee is delicious.”

Simon Bracken, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Scanomat UK comments: “This has been a really unique project and we have thoroughly enjoyed working with the team at Westcountry Group to bring their innovative concept to life.  We hope Blue Frontier are very happy in their new home as they continue to grow, for many more years to come.”

Watch Westcountry Group’s video case study to see more of the space.