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“All the feedback we get from our centres is that our clients love our pro-working business lounges with their TopBrewer coffee machines, so much so that this is now an integral part of our model going forward for all refurbished space.”  Julie Tucker, PR & Marketing Officer, BE Offices

TopBrewer provides premium coffee experience in new pro-working business lounges at BE Offices

BE Offices is a leading provider of serviced offices in London and across the south east and leads the way in providing dedicated ‘pro-working’ spaces for corporate clients looking for a professional work space away from the office. To complement the corporate working environment, BE have installed TopBrewers in their new London head office and pro-working business lounges in Cheapside, Threadneedle Street and Minories.

‘Putting the service into serviced offices’

BE Offices own and operate over 700,000 sq ft of flexible office space across London and southern England and has grown to employ well over 250 staff who are focused on providing a premium customer service.

BE’s pro-working spaces are designed to the highest spec, including furniture, fittings and even the artwork. The stylish design of the TopBrewer fits beautifully into this professional environment with its smart appearance, efficient and quiet operation and, of course, premium quality drinks.

BE first introduced TopBrewer in a brand new pro-working lounge in Cheapside and a refurbished business lounge in Threadneedle Street before installing another in their new head office where 20% of space is dedicated to collaborative seating and kitchens for their own staff.

David Saul, Managing Director at BE Offices, explains why TopBrewer was the perfect choice for their professional co-working spaces:

“We first discovered TopBrewer last year on a visit to the offices of one of our business partners. We thought it was a very cool concept and took the earliest opportunity to install a machine in one of our buildings when we launched a new floor at our Cheapside business centre.

“Since then TopBrewer machines have become a central feature of our pro-working business lounges at our recently refurbished Threadneedle Street building and our soon-to-be launched refurbished spaces on the 3rd floor of our Minories business centre and the second floor of our Reading building.

“When our central services team relocated to new space within our Barbican centre they were delighted to find that a TopBrewer machine was prominently featured in our break-out space which is always in use one way or another throughout the day, allowing teams to work more collaboratively whilst simultaneously enjoying excellent coffee.”

Customer Satisfaction & The TopBrewer Experience

BE’s pro-working space has proved to be a great success for professionals looking for a collaborative workspace that matches their corporate ‘grown-up’ image and the TopBrewer perfectly complements the premium service provided by BE’s serviced offices and dedicated staff.

Julie Tucker, PR & Marketing Officer at BE Offices, comments:

“All the feedback we get from our centres is that our clients love our pro-working business lounges with their TopBrewer coffee machines, so much so that this is now an integral part of our model going forward for all refurbished space. I’m not a coffee drinker but the TopBrewer hot chocolate is to die for. The problem is, I’ve usually downed it before I get back to my desk. Thank goodness the marketing team resides at the other end of the office to the breakout area or I would fear for my waistline – that hot chocolate is just too good!”

TopBrewer provides a wide range of barista-style, bean-to-cup beverages from a sleek swan neck tap, with the machine itself discreetly housed under the counter to provide a clutter-free service area. Staff and visitors make drinks to their exact requirements through the iPad set into the worktop or through the app on their phone. A separate TopWater unit is installed alongside each TopBrewer to serve refreshing chilled still or sparkling water.

There has been a fantastic response to the TopBrewer from BE’s staff:

Frances Singer, is Marketing Assistant at BE Offices (Half Columbian, so she knows about coffee!):

“It goes without saying that the machine produces beautiful, high quality, freshly ground coffee with just the right amount of frothy milk on a cappuccino and a layer of crema on an espresso which you’d only expect from a barista-made coffee. However, what I love most about the TopBrewer is the look of the machine; It fits in seamlessly with the high-quality, modern feel of our new office, a stunning minimalist feature which always gets a comment from visitors! The user interface looks great and is really easy to use, so you never have to worry about getting the settings wrong and producing a bad coffee!”

Uzma Kanjoo, BE Sales Executive, comments on feedback from potential clients when she accompanies them on viewings:

“I usually get a lot of clients who have never seen the iPad concept before and find it really fancy and high tech. I think we should eventually have this in a break out area in every building.”

Andrew Issot, Marketing Director:

“It’s cool! Plain and simple. Every time I have a meeting and show it to people they are impressed. Hot chocolate is a real delight as well!”

From customer satisfaction surveys, BE clients have also highlighted the TopBrewer as one of their favourite features in the business lounge:

Favourite feature?

“The absolutely delightful hot drinks ipad/machine.”

“Coffee machine and syrups”

“The sparkling water in the taps”

Simon Bracken, MD at Scanomat UK comments:

“BE Offices have recognised the growing importance of co-working spaces to professional clients and have set themselves apart by offering corporate-class facilities and service, which we are delighted to be part of with TopBrewer.”

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