A Flying car, a robot butler, and a tap that dispenses hot beverages?

“Wouldn’t it be cool if, along with your flying car and your robot butler, you had a tap in your kitchen that dispensed hot beverages? You’d just shuffle into the kitchen in the morning, and grab a cappuccino in the same way that you’d usually get a glass of water from the tap in the sink – that said, it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to put your mouth right up to the coffee tap. Anyhow, such a thing does indeed now exist, and it’s called the Top Brewer.”

“Unlike traditional coffee-makers, which draw power continuously to keep the coffee hot, the Top Brewer shuts off completely when not serving up Java. When a user wants a cup, it can go from being cold and inactive to brewing that cup within 45 seconds. Users can wirelessly stipulate the type of drink they want (along with its parameters, such as temperature, cream and sugar content, etc.) using a custom app on their iPhone. For non-Apple types, a keyboard on the unit can be used for the same purpose.”


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