Clearly, a benefit to humanity.

“At first glance the spigot may elicit a question about why a water faucet would be mounted in that particular place–especially without a sink to go with it–but then upon further examination, the device would be revealed to be not a water faucet, but a coffee faucet. Finally, we can all stop acting like heathens and enjoy coffee the way it was meant to be enjoyed–like it poured forth from some eternal spring.”

“Beans are ground and utilized according to what drink is selected (from either the touch-screen interface or a compatible phone ortablet) and then delivered via the faucet for exceptionally fast beverage service. While user intervention is required to refill the beans and/or milk supply, the automated cleaning cycle is certainly a step into the future. And nothing against running water or light bulbs, but coffee on demand andself-cleaning? Now that’s true progress.”


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