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If you are visiting Clerkenwell Design Week, why not take the opportunity to see the TopBrewer in action, pick up some great ideas for your next project and discover the latest design trends.

Celebrating its 9th year, Clerkenwell Design Week is packed with an exciting showcase of leading UK and international brands and companies presented in a series of showroom events, exhibitions and special installations that take place across the area.

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Spotlight On: Amokka Coffee

Amokka Coffee has been part of the Scanomat Family for over 10 years, but has been around for much longer. Read on to find out more about Amokka Coffee’s journey from a small start-up founded in the late 90s, to an integral part of a global business 20 years later.

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Why is employee wellbeing so important?

Wellbeing is a buzzword you’ve probably been hearing a lot of recently. There is a growing awareness both in the UK and worldwide of the impact that wellbeing can have on an employee and a business.
But is spending on wellbeing a worthy investment? Why should you invest in your employees’ wellbeing?

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