AMOKKA and Plantec

We have visited the Plantec plantation and because of our strong partnership we are offered the best qualities of each harvest. The coffee is very rare and unique and relatively new in the world of speciality coffee but it is has some very special qualities and the coffee keeps getting better year after year. This coffee is available as a single origin and is part of our Black Juice blend.

About Plantec Coffee

Plantec Coffee is an organic certified producer, owned by Ujjal Rana, which grows a very rare type of coffee at the foothills of the Himalayas. It is a small plantation that sits on the river bank in the region of Nuwakot at an altitude of around 700m. The plantation has many very tall shade trees and has a water system that connects from the river of melting water from Mount Everest and other peaks.

Social Focus

Plantec strives to be a sustainable enterprise in the local community and amongst other things they donate teaching materials to the local school and they make sure that the workers are well paid. In April 2015 Nepal suffered from a great earthquake. Unfortunately Plantec was very close to the epicentre of the quake and the owner built shelters for the local workers and their children who had been impacted by the quake.

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