Coffea Arabica stems from Ethiopia

Coffea Arabica actually stems from Ethiopia. It is here in the ancient African lands that the plant was first discovered for it’s ability to provide extra energy and still to this day all coffee plants can be traced back to Ethiopia, where the Arabica Heriloom grows. Heirloom means original or wild, as the plant has not been modified by other means than time and nature itself.

Here we buy both coffee from the Sidama region as well as Yirgacheffe. The Ethiopian coffees are well know for their rich distinct flavors of citrus, sweet and floral notes and it’s bright appearance makes it a wonderful cup of coffee.

We sell it as a single origin, from Yirghacheffe, as well as the in our blends like Amokkacrema where we use a Sidama.
You can almost taste the fine work that gone it making this coffee, all the way from the farm. Below you can read about how the coffee comes to life together with our partners in Ethiopia, where we buy directly.

The farms in Ethiopia are very small, so it’s many families that contribute to a full shipment of coffee. They are handpicked and sorted, dried on african raised beds and controlled buy officials before it leaves the country. This is pretty standard in Ethiopia, but Amokka takes it a step further, with the venture into the new Impact Trade model developed with our partners.

Amokka’s Ethiopian Impact Coffee

AMOKKA’s Ethiopian coffee beans are grown in the south Ethiopian highlands, where the forest is thick, and coffee grows wild. This is the area from where ancient arabica coffee originates from. Over time, through natural cross pollination, thousands of different varietals have developed resulting in very unique taste notes only found in Ethiopia.

Coffee type: Natural and Original Ethiopian
Arabica varieties - Heirloom
Coffee process: Wet-washed

Sidama: Rich mouthful, sweet citrus flavor,
pleasant and bright - finish, floral aroma. 

Yirgacheffe: Delicate body, spicy, sweet flavor,
floral and blueberry aroma.

Elevation: 1800 - 2100 m a.s.l.

How we buy this wonderful coffee

AMOKKA offers premium quality single origin coffee from Ethiopian highlands, that supports Impact Development Projects.

AMOKKA goes the extra mile!
We pay premium price for our specialty coffee from South Ethiopian Highlands to directly support the impact development projects, that are changing the lives of everyday people” says Sebastian Vibe-Petersen, heading the Amokka Roasting Company, that is part of the Scanomat family and exclusive coffee supplier to the TopBrewer.

AMOKKA is the part of the movement called Impact Trade, that is redefining the coffee industry and the social values connected to it by offering specialty coffee directly from Ethiopia together with development projects such as various sustainable coffee production initiatives, youth development, job creation programmes and formal education projects in Ethiopia that improve the living conditions of farmers and their families. They are truly making a difference” says Daniel Balla Hallala, who grew up in Ethiopia and moved to Denmark to live with his spouse.

Daniel met Amokka when he first came to Denmark and immediately felt that there were so many shared values, that they had to work together on a more sustainable sourcing of coffee.

AMOKKA and Coffee Print

One of the brothers who runs Coffee Print is based in Denmark and as our AMOKKA Coffee Roasters is based in Denmark we are able to have a great transparent relationship between our businesses. Our Ethiopian coffee is available as a single origin and also forms part of our Amokka Crema and Black Juice blends.

About Coffee Print

Coffee Print is a family-run business founded by two brothers. The coffee is grown in the region of Sidamo which is famous for growing very high quality coffee at a high altitude. The coffee is grown and processed through old traditional methods and has a great sweetness and delicate citrus aromas.

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