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Tell us about its key benefits…

Scanomat’s TopBrewer is among the most advanced premium commercial coffee machines available on the market for multi-site operators. Its unique app-based system means that the latest software updates are sent ‘over the air’, free of charge to each and every machine across the globe as soon as they are released. This means that multi-site operators can be assured that their entire fleet of equipment will always be up to date with the latest TopBrewer technology at no extra cost. The system’s CoffeeCloud smart management platform, meanwhile, allows users to access real-time data such as drink counts, last clean and fault reports in an instant.

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Scanomat have launched a brand new and up-to-date version of the TopBrewer Android app to provide an improved user experience for Android smartphone and tablet users.

The new Android app has had a complete redesign and now supports a tile based architecture which means that it can run in tablet function in both portrait and landscape modes, offering greater design flexibility for TopBrewer installations.

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PRESS RELEASE: 9 March 2017

Cutting-edge coffee machine manufacturer, Scanomat has launched an IoT cloud management system for its TopBrewer coffee machines.

The innovative platform, aptly named CoffeeCloud, is the worlds first and most advanced cloud management system for coffee machines, delivering unique business intelligence and a completely connected next-generation user experience.

Available now as a stand-alone app, CoffeeCloud is an industry first as a fully fledged cloud application, providing TopBrewer customers and dealers with real-time operational insights, key metrics and live dashboards to ensure the smooth operational running of commercial coffee machines in a way that has never been seen before. Scanomat believes this will change the game of operation of physical products.

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The rise and rise of speciality coffee

By far the most interesting and exciting coffee segment of the moment is speciality coffee (also referred to as “specialty” coffee).

Speciality coffee is seeing rapid expansion in the UK, and across the globe, as consumers continue to seek out the best quality coffee to enjoy in and out of home. In this blog, we explore the rise of speciality coffee and what makes it so sacred.

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Scanomat have become the first coffee machine manufacturer to introduce iBeacon technology into their products. The location based technology for iOS will allow Scanomat to send messages direct to end users via the TopBrewer app.

TopBrewer originally turned heads when it became the first professional coffee machine to be controlled via smartphone or tablet. This latest development from the Danish manufacturer has been launched in conjunction with a new TopBrewer app version 3.0

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It has been proven that well thought out workplace design can greatly improve business performance and collaboration amongst employees.  If you are planning an office move or relocation project in the near future then it is highly recommend that you work with a reputable office design and fit out partner that can help you to realise your ambitions and meet your business expectations. Here is our guide to choosing the right office design and fit-out company for your workplace design project…


Build a shortlist

The first step is to build a shortlist of around three to five potential partners. It is always preferable to work with a company that has been recommended by someone you know and trust, so try asking your peers if they have been involved with an office move or relocation project and if they can offer any recommendations. LinkedIn is a good resource for building a shortlist too. A simple post asking for recommendations is likely to provide a list of potential partners. You can also use LinkedIn to follow companies to stay up to date with their latest projects. Failing that, a quick google search will give you thousands of results to choose from but you may want to narrow your search down to a local area or specialism.

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Corporate Social Responsibility is a hot topic right now for businesses. It is increasingly important that organisations are committed to doing their bit for the environment and ticking all of the right sustainability boxes. At Scanomat, we are committed to producing energy efficient coffee machines that are less harmful to the environment. In doing so we strive to help our clients to meet their own sustainability goals and energy reduction targets.

TopBrewer has been developed to be highly energy efficient and uses up to 90 per cent less energy in the idle state than most bean-to-cup coffee machines. With multiple revolutionary features, TopBrewer is the logical choice when choosing an environmentally-friendly coffee machine. Here are six examples of how TopBrewer can contribute towards your sustainability credentials.

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Coffee used to be a minor consideration for Facilities Managers, but as coffee culture has boomed, so too has the importance of serving premium, quality coffee in the workplace.

Coffee is a hugely emotive subject, and is now considered a much valued office perk. Research suggests that serving premium office coffee keeps staff happy and has a positive impact on attracting and retaining the best talent.  Not only that, there have been many reports in the media recently about the potential health benefits of drinking coffee to improve staff wellbeing.

Offices have become more agile and flexible to suit the changing needs of the millennial workforce and to encourage collaboration. As a result, the coffee experience has become an integral feature of modern workspace design and a central focal point for breakout spaces and informal work environments.

A big challenge is to keep staff on site, so a premium bean-to-cup coffee offering is required to compete with the lure of high street coffee shop chains.

With all of this in mind, Facilities Manager’s have a very influential role to play when it comes to choosing the right coffee solution for the office.


Move over instant coffee

Gone are the days when a kettle, box of tea bags and tin of instant coffee will do. Even the once favoured vending machine has taken a back seat as the quality of office coffee has dramatically improved over the last 10 years.

Freshly brewed, barista-quality coffee is the only way forward for Facilities Manager’s who want to stay ahead.

For many FM’s, a premium bean-to-cup coffee machine with freshly steamed milk is the perfect office coffee solution as it will confidently deliver premium, self-service beverages of a very high standard to suit all areas of the business.  It should also be able to cope with high demand if required.

Tip: Brush up on your coffee knowledge as you will need to taste the coffee and ask the right questions before buying.

Some questions to ask when choosing a bean-to-cup coffee machine

  • How many drinks can the coffee machine serve a day?
  • Is the coffee machine easy to clean/maintain?
  • How does the machine compare for energy efficiency?
  • What variety of drinks can it serve? Can it serve fresh coffee, hot water for tea, chilled water and hot chocolate? Or will you need to buy separate equipment to cater for all needs?
  • Is the coffee of a premium grade?
  • Is the coffee sustainably sourced?
  • Will the coffee machine take up much space?


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Workplace design is becoming an art form in itself as companies compete to stay one step ahead in the battle to attract and retain the best talent. But what makes a successful workplace design and which sectors are really excelling in this space?

Needless to say, a successful office isn’t just about looking cool, it is about creating an environment that complements the company’s culture, core values and business practices.

Different sectors and industries have different needs from their office design. Here is our view on which sectors are leading the way in specific areas of workplace design.

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